Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Dogs Are Bark'n Today!!!!

So here we are at 34 weeks and really up to this point pregnancy has been pretty smooth. I have had some increased tiredness and some discomforts, but overall I am happy preggers.

In the last week however I have had some alarming swelling. I read about woman having swollen feet, but I don't think I clearly understood it. I was at the doctors last Monday and things were fine, my blood pressure is perfect and all is well so why the sudden swelling. It is minus 10 and I am wearing flip flops to outside.

Dearest hubby feels it is from eating crap when he was away, and although I agree it was proably not the best choices I don't beleive it is causing this problem. Besides it has been exceptionally bad this week and I have not eaten any crap.

So I was wondering who would like to rub my cankles and man hands. Come on...some of you committed to this friendship.

Really I use to have nice feet.........