Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Round two with the Frenchies and other updates

So we are back from our funeral/vacation in the great land of the frenchies and although it was great to see Memere, we were happy to leave.

We got there a day and a half before everyone else so Memere could have some one on one with Baby girl. It was a great idea as they were able to adjust to each other and start a little bonding before the troops stormed in. The first night hubby and I slept together on the air mattress as after a 15 hour car ride I didn't really give a rats ass where I laid down as long as I was horizontal. Half way through the night I realized that a 5.5 month pregnant woman should probably not be sleeping on the floor. I woke up unable to move my pelvis and stiffer than road kill. I took my sisters bed the following night and made her sleep with hubby...interesting I know. Actually sis slept on the mattress where baby girl was sleeping and hubby and baby girl shared the air mattress.

The next day we took memere into town and had lunch with her, just some bonding. That night MIL and FIL arrived so special as they would be also staying in the house with us. The next day hubby's aunt and uncle and their kids+ arrived and the games began. Really I just think that I should not have put myself in the same house as MIL, we have lived together before and I moved out as I could no longer guarantee her safety. plus I am preggers and hormonal and protective of baby girl. I say what, when, where and why because I am the parent. The whole week she under minded mine and hubby's wishes. She spoke poorly and with a razor sharp tongue to almost everyone and was just simply la bitch.

On a brighter side we did really enjoy our time with memere and the rest of the family. We had some good laughs and played cards most of the time.

Before I wrap up I should mention a funny occurrence. We were on our way home and the drive is through the mountains. For two hours it is constant up down, up down and super steep. After a half hour I decided that I could not bear it any longer, grabbed a plastic bag and heavered hard. I had the window down and my face in the bag to keep hubby from getting a whiff. I finished, tied the bag, tossed it out the window and apologized for my extremely weak stomach. At this point I look down and discover that the bag had a fucking hole in it and I was now covered tits to crotch in barf. Sis and hubby are killing themselves and I am getting naked in the car trying not to add to the mess. I finally get myself changed into a new shirt and hubby's track pants as the only other pants were shorts and it was only 10 out. Needless to say I looked pretty.

Other tidbits to update you on....

I am 25 weeks and loving it although I am having constant braxton hicks which my doctor says is fine, but most annoying to me. We had another ultra sound and it is still a girl and my God she is totally cute with her little poutty lips. I asked if this baby seemed small and the tech laughed. Nope she will be big...awesome!

I am currently trying to potty train Baby girl and honestly I think that I am about to lose my mind. Seriously, I actually feel that my head could just split open at any moment and the grey matter just ooze out. Baby girl is so frick'n stubborn. She will hold her pee all day just to not go on the potty. On Sunday she had the biggest meltdown about getting on the potty to try to make pee. So I said fine, but if you need to pee you tell mommy. She headed to the kitchen and proceeded to pee. I said, baby girl see you needed to pee. And as the piss rolled down her legs she looked me in the eyes and proclaimed, " No I don't need to go pee yet". Can you see my head cracking's running down your damn legs. She is fucking standing in a swamp of piss and will not admit that she may have had to pee. I truly believed that getting her started now would save my sanity in the long run, with a new baby and all. however, being 6 months pregnant, tired, sore and potty training screaming meme, is truly the devil's work.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Time is Flying by

I cannot believe that I have been so bad at keeping up with posting, my apologies and thanks to my frequent readers who keep checking back.

I suppose that life has got a bit busy and I have lost track of the days gone by. We are trying to enjoy the summer and our new deck, despite the frequent and intense thunderstorms that seem to be a daily occurrence. This past weekend we had some family over for a BBQ and enjoyed their company and the summer night. I love to sit out on a summers eve, with a cool glass of 0% Becks beer and just enjoy the night.

We are getting ready to leave for the Port this Friday. Which again is the long trip to northern Quebec. We are making it a holiday, but really it is for hubby's grandfathers funeral service. He died back in January, but there is not much that can be done in the middle of winter so we had to wait until now. Note that he was cremated and not just sitting there on ice, although some poor souls are. I think we are all looking forward to going though, as the entire family is going and we will have a blast during the rest of our vacation there.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant, really I cannot believe it and still having trouble believing that I am actually pregnant let alone over half way there. Although I am still exhausted, the morning sickness has gone from constant all day everyday to more of a random occurrence. I love this part of the pregnancy when you can feel baby and start to develop that bond. For those that do not already know we are having a little girl and although we were shocked at first we are excited for her arrival. I was absolutely hands down for sure, thought that I was having a boy. Not one thing was like being pregnant with DD1. I am much more ill and tired, I am much bigger and carrying different than I did with DD1. However saying that they have similar sleep patterns and DD2 is now just as active as DD1 was. Hubby and I are still debating names. He has even started a facebook group to try to sway me...I will not. Many thanks to all those whom have taken my side, I appreciate it. I am still pulling for Ada and I think that I will just send him for a coffee when the registry comes around.

This is at 19 week....need to update.

I got a new car this weekend, Ford Focus and it seems to be very nice. I don't hold much value in cars so excuse my lack of enthusiasm. It is ice blue with chrome details and tinted windows, kinda pretty for a mom Mobile.

I will post some pics from our vacation and I hope this ties you over until I return.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another proud moment!

My dad's birthday was this weekend and we decided that the family would meet for a early dinner to celebrate the event. We choose to meet at Swiss Chalet as it was close to everyone, cheap and willing to serve us at 4pm.

We all ended up meeting in the parking lot. My brother and his family which includes a 2 year old, a 5 year old, and a 7 month pregnant wife. My family which includes a 5 month pregnant mom, a 2 year old, a hubby and a sister. My parents were already in the restaurant and eagerly waiting our arrival.

We walked in together; the kids all holding hands with my sister, SIL and I waddling and the men carrying all the gear. I noticed the faces of those we passed as if to say, "that lot are breading machines, I hope they don't sit here".

We made it to our table and got the kids all sorted and we took our spots. Still several tables of seniors staring in our general direction...clearly over whelmed by our presence. We had four tables pushed together leaving a large gap between our table and the people next to us. That table had a young couple with a baby and another couple trying to eat while their baby is fussing. My hubby leans over and blurts out (he is incredibly loud to being with) stop with the one and then displays the with his hands gliding over our table, what their lives could become if they don't.

We order our drinks and food and the remaining tables around us start filling up. Just before our meal arrives my 5 year old niece proclaims that she needs to pee and everyone on the bench down from her has to stand up to let her out this includes my hubby. He lets my niece and my sister out and they return 5 short minutes later. My hubby stands up again and this time takes a few steps forward and cracks his head off the light hang where a table once sat. My husband grabs his head and at 4:30 in a family restaurant littered with small children and seniors yells out Mother fucker! That's right a giant mofo right there in front of everyone. The restaurant was silent until I tore a piece off of my dear hubby.

me: seriously, what are you thinking?
him: What?
me: mofo babe, really surrounded by young children of our own and others....mofo did you really just say that?
him: I cracked my head sorry, beside it's Milton have you looked around.....Gooood!

In fact I had looked around, especially at the woman sitting at the table behind us with three boys under the age of 7. Three boys whom my hubby had just become a legend to. Her face was that of a church going, good by seriously sheltered woman. I could see that she had never heard that expression used live. I guess it was an educational experience for her whole table.

happy birthday proud are you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things that spook me!

I think that I am a pretty well rounded and mentally stable individual, yet I have collection of random things that seriously spook me, some even terrify me.

As I was driving into work this morning I noticed a shoe on the shoulder of the left lane. It was a man's dress shoe in good condition and belonging to someone with a eye for fashion. It creeped me out. It then occurred to me that I often see shoes on the highway and I always have the same unnerving reaction. I few exits ahead I noticed a second shoe. A man's black coloured runner turned upside down and discarded under the guardrail. I always think that this must be the only remains of a car accident. I mean why else would a shoe be out on the highway? Then I think that this person must have been quite injured to forget their shoe. I mean if they were just getting out of the car to check the fender, they would not take off a shoe first...hmmmm.
Maybe my EMS girl could comment on this one.

I drove a little further and began to laugh about all the other random things I am spooked by...maybe I am not as stable as I thought.

I am fearful of Banshees. I understand logically that it is a folklore, but the crazy side of me is not taking any chances. Never will I look out the window or go outside when I hear cats fighting, as the wailing of the banshee is thought to be a similar eerie sound. In fact the sound of a cat howling makes my hair stand on end. Never ever ever will you catch me picking up a comb off the street either. A banshee's calling card if you will...I think not!

I have an irrational fear of clowns most likely stemming from an association with a very unfortunate past family member. Clowns are generally creepy and will not be part of any party my kid is at. I am really uncomfortable with the way they have made themselves look happy, but inside one never know the true emotion of the clown.

I fear balloon. Most likely associated with clowns, but none the less they are unstable and unpredictable. Oh lord and that squeaky sound they make...ahhh shivers.

I am spooked when I am woken in the early hours 3am. Things are too quiet and I am not comfortable with any presence that I at times feel. I am especially hate when I wake because someone called my name. YIKES.

I hate dolls. You know the kind that stand there and watch you. The ones that eyes open and close. I hate porcelain dolls, old fashion dolls, really to be safe all dolls. My parents were moving and we were house hunting which lead to us visiting a home my parents loved. They took us over for a showing and we walked about looking at all the wonderful space and features. I went up stairs and headed into the master bedroom; I was not prepared in the least for what waited for me. I entered and immediately crapped my pants; hundreds of dolls. Little ones, big ones, some standing, others sitting, a few even in cradles...all looking at me with that vacant stare. I remembering standing there my eyes darting in every direction I was starting to panic when my mom walk in and started to laugh. I didn't find it funny, nor did I find it funny that they bought the house.

Ps. this also go for ventriloquist dummies...Mr. Marbles!

I will never and encourage others to never purchase or take a mirror from an antique sale, garage sale, attic or roadside. Shivers....Buy new always...I am not going into it with you.

Last but I am sure not the least, I am not okay with the ice cream man that drives through the neighbourhood. His little truck and eerie music gives me goosebumps. I never really had an encounter with the ice cream man growing up, but I don't trust them. I lovingly refer to them as "pedophiles on wheels". I know that it is a bit of a blanket statement and somewhat discriminating, but they creep me out. Why do they all have to look like they were just released from prison on a community work integration program. Driving slowly looking for children out the tiny window, luring them helplessly with the monotonous music and pictures of dancing ice cream cones. Nope not a fan!

So after careful evaluation and reconsideration I am retracting my first comment on this page. I appear to be less normal than I thought. Please feel free to comment about you own fears.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Behind on the photo of the day.

Way behind on this sorry :O(

Here is day 15...planning ahead.
Proof that Frenchies truly have a different way of life.

Day 14
One of Dancer's chubby pups...

Day 13
A sample of some of my painting. I especially love this one.

Day 12
My Nana and I, one of my best friends and I miss her dearly. She would be proud that Iris shares her name.
Day 11
The yellow boots...

Day 10
Ship wreak at Port Cartier.

Day 9
Our last visit with him...Hubby's Pepere.

Day 8
The birth of my baby girl.

Day 7
I love to see my husband laugh...I fall in love again.

Day 6
Our dog, Dancer.

Day 5
Feet that I love.

Day 4
Just because it's beautiful.

Day 3
Thing 2...The newest love of my life, I cannot wait to mean this one.

Day 2
My favourite Tattoo of Hubby' girls foot print at birth. Thing 2's will go on his left leg.

Day 1
My girl, I love that face.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Word!

MP said...
HELLO...first it was "cute kid" and we needed with being pregnant mama...HELLO...we need updates please!!
9:52 AM

My word you are all so
Okay...due date at it currently stands is November 3rd 2008, I expect it to change as it has changed twice now. I must admit that I am a little freaked out about having a baby this year. My plan was to return to the fertility clinic in June which would put us at a due date for next spring. however, I am starting to think that God isn't over impressed with my detailed planning and may have heard my secret whimper that , "This would be so much easier if I just got pregnant".
Pictures???? Forgive me but I am dumb when I am preggers. MP what nature of pictures would you like to see here. If you think I am posting a baby bump you're nuts. This plus size beauty is not ready for that type of situation. I will scan my ultrasound pictures for you and maybe take an artistic photo of my bump for you all to enjoy.
I think this one is a boy. I am super hungry all the time and started getting up in the night to eat. I started showing at about 9 weeks and purchased maternity pants at 7 weeks. I am continuing my gag and heave ritual for 20 minutes every morning which is super special especially with baby girl hanging off my leg say, "it okay mama". Which in turn I mumble, "become a lesbian dear".
Thank you all very much for your warm wishes and I will be sure to keep you all posted of my developments. MP and Linda, keep the demands coming. Think of my comment section as you own personal suggestion boxes!
After re-reading my post I realized that MP never asked for I am seriously dumb this time round, my apologies MP.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the shit list.

Here are a few comments from one of my disgruntled fans.

Linda said...'s April Hello are you in there? Don't make me send MP after you...after all you do post when she requests it! I'm sorry maybe you are sitting by the fire with hot chocolate in your pj's?
1:01 PM

Linda said...
3:06 PM

The comments where on my last post which clearly has been sitting there longer than Linda would like to see. I believe that the comments are a couple weeks apart...serious poking I guess.

In an attempt to free myself from the shit list, I will provide an update since the past post.

I have not been particularly busy, just occupied. I had some health problems that have left me with little to no energy. I woke up on night with wicked chest pains and figured that it was heartburn, but after taking some tums and milk, quickly realized that this was not heartburn. I paced around the house for a few hours before waking up hubby and getting him to take me to the hospital. After 8 hours it was determined that I was having a gallbladder attack as a results of 5 gall stones. I was not overly impressed, but thankful that I have not had an attack since...knock on wood.

The last two weeks I have been battling a respiratory infection which had me off work most of last week.

Baby girl just celebrated her second birthday this weekend past. I can't believe that she is two already, the time really does speed up when you have kids. Anyway, she was pretty excited and now that she is two she will be giving up her crib and moving to a big girl bed. Pray for me that the transition is smooth.

Florida has been haunting me for the last 3 months. Shortly after getting home I started to fall ill with flu like symptoms, it turns out that while in Florida I picked up a new family member along the way...I did not declare that with the border agent.

We were actually could not have been anymore shocked. Hubby ended up going out and buying the new digital pregnancy test because he said he could trust stupid lines. We have always been under the impression that we are unable to get pregnant on our own. We have not used birth control since baby girl was born, why bother. So truly a surprise and a miracle....we are thrilled to say the least.

I did end up having to go back to the fertility clinic as a patient for prenatal supports. Unfortunately once I get preggers, I can't stay preggers. So I was put on Progesterone suppositories again which began to fail. They upped the dose to three and then four a day, which again I got the phone call that my numbers were dropping. The nurse finally called me in and basically told me that the suppositories are for some reason not working. She is recommended that I start taking progesterone shots or I will lose the baby. Not having a choice I took the shot right then and there. The next day Hubby was brought in and trained on how to administer the shots in my arse, as I would need they daily. He was a champ and we were done it 10 minutes. He was so proud and announced to the admin staff that he was the quickest she had ever on many counts. I truly thank hubby for being able to give me the shots, it is not an easy thing to have to do to someone you love. Thankfully I was able to stop my shots as of yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

So to wrap it up this pregnancy has been kicking my ass hard and I just have not had the stomach to write about much. I am really hoping that now the shots have stopped I will start to feel better. Maybe some more posts.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I just read that Aimee is moving onto her PhD and want to say that I am super proud of you!

I am sure this has been a very hard last few years, but it has paid off and everyone knew you could do it. Enjoy your dinner and pop some Champagne this is a huge accomplishment.

I hope you are reading!

ps....I am a blogging freak this

Getting so big.

Baby girl started daycare/nursery school back in the middle of January. We decided to put her into something more structured for two days a week to get her exposed to other children and personalities. Baby girl has a big personality and she needs to meet others with the same disposition to keep her in check. We were also looking for her to have more opportunities for growth and play. Up to this point she has been with MIL full time, which has been a helpful, but we never intended for it to be a permanent situation. We are also toying with the thoughts of having another baby and really we needed a place that baby girl is comfortable with that if a baby does appears she will know that "school" is her special baby free place. I place that won't change just because I am on a mat leave. A place where she has great friends and fun times.

So hubby and I went to a meet and greet in December at a new centre that was opening down the street from us. We loved the staff and the vision they had for the children. The facility was being built and everything would be new and up to code. That night she offered a calender of a sample menu for the month. It included but not limited to: Brown rice and teriyaki Chicken with a homemade fruit cup and milk. Tuna on multi grained bread broiled with a little cheese on top, banana spears and fresh juice. Oatmeal, grain bars, homemade oatmeal cookies. The actually have a chef that develops the menus and cooks for the kids. I wish she would prepare my dinner for pick up too.

After our meeting we signed on the line immediately as our city is limited when it comes to childcare places and truly we loved it.

Baby girl did really well the first day, week, month. She met some little friends and is learning to get along with many different personalities. She is learning self control and respect of others and property. She is beginning to understand that although she is very cute, the world does not revolve around her and that she needs to share, take turns and consider the feelings of those around her. She is understanding that her actions have consequences, that she can make others happy, but also hurt others feelings. We think that this is the best place for her and she has grown so much in just the short time she's been there.

This morning was a big milestone. Before our trip to Florida she went into school (we call it school) like a champ, good morning, hi kids, bye mom. However since our return she has cried everyday and throughout the day for mommy and daddy. Very unusual and out of character for her. Today we finally had a drop off that was positive. No tears, no begging, just smiles and right in to see the other kids....champ!

I know that she is safe and will stop crying shortly after I leave, but it is a much nicer feeling to leave her on a happy note. I am guilt ridden all ready that I have to work and not be there for her full time, I soothes my conscious to know that she is not stressed when I leave her.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I wanted to respond to a comment left by our dear MP on my holiday blog.
She had many points and questions that I felt should be answered.

The comment is as follows.

*One of these days I'll have to try your famous it THAT good?
I joke about many things, but coffee is not one of them. Tim Hortons as sick as it sounds, rocks my world. You absolutely should try it, but I have most likely ruined the experience by all the hype. Canadians are pretty passionate about hockey and Tim Hortons. We send it to our troops it's affects are that powerful on

*I would have SO jumped in that SC tub.. I want one of those at my house.
Me too. I don't believe that a home is complete without one...damn hubby.

*Dinner at Shoney's sounds like it SUCKED..sorry about that. Being American I feel responsible. McDonalds would have been better I guess.

Sucked assed, blew goats, would make a nun flip the bird! I agree that McD's would have been better, but I don't not hold you responsible in the least. Overall our American experience was enjoyable. To make up for the horrible dining, your Targets rock.

*8 hours from South Carolina to Orlando? Wow, I had no idea. It's a 2 day drive for us too.

Yep about that. We did 10 hours from our house to South Carolina...spent the night and did 8 hours from South Carolina to Orlando. Mind you we had beautiful driving weather and no traffic.

*Did you stay in the park or just at a near by hotel?

We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Hubby's uncle's condo. As free is in our budget!

Did you know they have packages at Disney for something like $1500...and that's for a family of 4? We may do that next year.

Totally worth the money. Our friends that were down the same time as us do it every year with the kids. It includes park fees and dining if you want. They fly out of Buffalo as it is way cheaper that Toronto. The best sales they same are from just after Christmas until the 3rd week of February...then you hit spring breaks.

*33 days til my Aruba trip..when you described getting out of the car I could actually smell the warm air..especially after I look outside at the ice/snow/sleet.

If I close my eyes and breathe real slow I can almost smell it again....ah the warmth of the ground the lush flowers and a kiss of chlorine.

*Iris is so fricking know that don't you?
Yes I know. She is pretty great!

Thanks for the comment're great. Hope you have a blast in Aruba. You will be back just in time for some beautiful weather of our own.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It seems what is missing from my job description is as follows:

* Must be able to spend a minimum of 4 hours daily at poolside

* Must be willing to visit the hot tub on several occasions

* Must be creative with your drink orders adding new favourites to your profile daily

* Must be available for poolside massages

* Must laugh endlessly at stupid things

* Must be live the relaxed lifestyle of Florida retirees

The family and I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Orlando Florida this past weekend. We spent 10 gorgeous days or rest and relaxation. I will give a little run down of our a get a drink.

We left at 4:30 am Friday morning and drove to the border in record time, stopping only for our last Timmies. While at the border we were questioned by a less then pleasant agent...smiles are not free. I mean we have nothing to hide and all our documents where ready and legit, but sometimes you pull up and you can just feel the looming sense of doom. During the tense 7 minutes of who, what, where, when, and why; Iris leans over towards the woman and shouts out, "I yike Tim bit please". We almost literately pissed ourselves, of course agent lifeless did not crack a lip, but at least it cut the tension for us. We passed with no issues and set a course to Bob Evans for some breakfast. After a good breakfast we carried on and drove 8 more hours to South Carolina where we stopped over night for a rest.

When we arrived we were pleasantly greeted by a clean and spectacular room including a big screen television and 4 person Jacuzzi. I normally am a germ-a-phoebe and would not dare enter a "public" bath, but the room was so clean and I was so tired that I ventured and figured at worse case scenario that's what they have penicillin for. It was pure bliss!

We were all pretty beat and needed a place to eat. The whole way down we saw signs for Cracker Barrel and Shoney two chain restaurants. As it happens they were both right outside our hotel. The Cracker Barrel was packed and Iris would not hold on much longer so we went to Shoney...we chose poorly.

It was seafood night at Shoney's and really I could not identify anything that was there and the fact that nothing was labelled made dining a real mystery. They seated us in smoking, because really that is all they have. Basically the difference between the two is whether or not you chose to smoke at your table. We sat at our table and I looked around; it was filthy...germ-a-phoebes nightmare. My sister and I went up to the "buffet" where I witnessed in horror a woman chip through the crust that had formed on the 1000 island dressing like the sugar topping of a crème brule, and poured it onto her salad. I know I staggered back and I think my sister helped me not fall over. My face must have said it all. I continued to walk around the tiny buffet holding my plate tight against my body, looking at the bounty before me like I was next on fear factor. I ended up with unknown fish stick, fruit and plain salad and we left pretty soon after and headed over to Sonic for a burger. If I am going to get botulism I at least want it to taste good on the way down and be able to identify what gave it to me in the end. the end...ahhhh.

The next morning we hit the road for another 8 hour drive. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts as it is the closest coffee to Timmies as you will get in America and really I miss it now....God bless DD. So my sister, Iris and I waited in the car as Mark ran into get the coffees. He came out with this tray of steaming beverage that made my jaw drop. The size of the DD's extra large coffee was unreal. My God you have to pee half way through it. Remarkable!

Finally we arrived in Orlando just around the dinner hour. It was warm and you could smell that beautiful scent of flowers and summer eve air. I was immediately in love. Our condo was perfect 2 bedrooms 2 bath and the grounds were lovely. Over the course of the next week we played in the pool dined at wonderful restaurants and visited SeaWorld.

Our friends were also in Orlando by chance for 2 days while we were there and we decided to have a grown up night out....insert sister here. So we headed over to a place called Boston Lobster Feast to eat our body weight in seafood. We had some offence to our American friends but the beer is a waste of money really. We had some great laughs talking about Orlando parks and the various arguments we had. My husband and Doug ate 6 lobsters each plus many other tasty seafood items. They were pale and could hardly killers. I tried raw oysters for the first time and YUMMMMM....I am hooked.

One of the days we headed over to SeaWorld which was interesting with a 22 month old to say the least. Iris was tired from all the weeks’ activities and was a tad whiney. We started off great, but as the day progressed we all got a bit snappy. A lot of the problem is that you cannot take your stroller into the exhibits. Outside the exhibits is stroller parking, so you park, take the kid out, take your bags out and hoof it into the Penguin exhibit for example. Inside the kids are lose and running around and our dear Iris would like to have done the same, but I am not a complete moron and foresee that letting your kid run around in the dimly light exhibit is just asking for trouble. She was less than impressed with the in and out stroller activity. We did manage to see the turtles, feed the sting rays, watch the dolphin show, go through the shark tunnel, see the manatees, visit the penguins and grab the Shamu show.

The Shamu show was interesting. To start in had begun to rain and baby girl was an hour over her scheduled (her agenda, not ours) naptime. We are running over to the whale stadium for the Shamu show that starts in 5 minutes. Of course we get there and are required to park our stroller and empty out our lives before heading up the giant ramp into the stadium. There are park employees shouting out, no seats to the show...soak zone only! I of course don't care as we are leaving the park right after the show, and the car rides is 3.5 minutes. Mark on the other hand is having a full on freak out about getting wet. So we are shouting back and forth to each other I at the top and him at the bottom of this ramp.

me: We are here and we are doing it com'n

him: I don't want to get wet. Wait until the next show.

me: the next show is in two and a half hours, that's 3:30 seriously do you think screaming mimi can make it until 3:30...GODDD!

him: we'll just go home, forget Shamu

me: FORGET SHAMU....We have been telling her all week she is going to see Shamu. We are not doing Disney or anything else...We are seeing the fucking whale now. So put on you hap hap happy face and get a poncho (pussy)

So we sat in the very front row. So close that we could not see anything above, but the underwater view was amazing, such beautiful creatures. The whole time Mark and Sarah are panicking about the impending soak. We got it at the end twice, but it was fine and Mark surprisingly did not melt.

We were so sad to leave, but are inspired to save for our retirement.

Here are some pics, sorry to my facebook friends who have already seen these.

Poolside I was made for retirement.

It's hard being a pirate.

I love this picture...good times with Daddy.

Sweet belly, more Daddy time.

Little something to get ya going.

Iris's Valentines day breakfast.

Sister Sarah poolside.

Ahh so lush...damn winter.


Lounging poolside.

Doesn't everyone wear their biniki bottoms on their head. She must be baking!