Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Round two with the Frenchies and other updates

So we are back from our funeral/vacation in the great land of the frenchies and although it was great to see Memere, we were happy to leave.

We got there a day and a half before everyone else so Memere could have some one on one with Baby girl. It was a great idea as they were able to adjust to each other and start a little bonding before the troops stormed in. The first night hubby and I slept together on the air mattress as after a 15 hour car ride I didn't really give a rats ass where I laid down as long as I was horizontal. Half way through the night I realized that a 5.5 month pregnant woman should probably not be sleeping on the floor. I woke up unable to move my pelvis and stiffer than road kill. I took my sisters bed the following night and made her sleep with hubby...interesting I know. Actually sis slept on the mattress where baby girl was sleeping and hubby and baby girl shared the air mattress.

The next day we took memere into town and had lunch with her, just some bonding. That night MIL and FIL arrived so special as they would be also staying in the house with us. The next day hubby's aunt and uncle and their kids+ arrived and the games began. Really I just think that I should not have put myself in the same house as MIL, we have lived together before and I moved out as I could no longer guarantee her safety. plus I am preggers and hormonal and protective of baby girl. I say what, when, where and why because I am the parent. The whole week she under minded mine and hubby's wishes. She spoke poorly and with a razor sharp tongue to almost everyone and was just simply la bitch.

On a brighter side we did really enjoy our time with memere and the rest of the family. We had some good laughs and played cards most of the time.

Before I wrap up I should mention a funny occurrence. We were on our way home and the drive is through the mountains. For two hours it is constant up down, up down and super steep. After a half hour I decided that I could not bear it any longer, grabbed a plastic bag and heavered hard. I had the window down and my face in the bag to keep hubby from getting a whiff. I finished, tied the bag, tossed it out the window and apologized for my extremely weak stomach. At this point I look down and discover that the bag had a fucking hole in it and I was now covered tits to crotch in barf. Sis and hubby are killing themselves and I am getting naked in the car trying not to add to the mess. I finally get myself changed into a new shirt and hubby's track pants as the only other pants were shorts and it was only 10 out. Needless to say I looked pretty.

Other tidbits to update you on....

I am 25 weeks and loving it although I am having constant braxton hicks which my doctor says is fine, but most annoying to me. We had another ultra sound and it is still a girl and my God she is totally cute with her little poutty lips. I asked if this baby seemed small and the tech laughed. Nope she will be big...awesome!

I am currently trying to potty train Baby girl and honestly I think that I am about to lose my mind. Seriously, I actually feel that my head could just split open at any moment and the grey matter just ooze out. Baby girl is so frick'n stubborn. She will hold her pee all day just to not go on the potty. On Sunday she had the biggest meltdown about getting on the potty to try to make pee. So I said fine, but if you need to pee you tell mommy. She headed to the kitchen and proceeded to pee. I said, baby girl see you needed to pee. And as the piss rolled down her legs she looked me in the eyes and proclaimed, " No I don't need to go pee yet". Can you see my head cracking's running down your damn legs. She is fucking standing in a swamp of piss and will not admit that she may have had to pee. I truly believed that getting her started now would save my sanity in the long run, with a new baby and all. however, being 6 months pregnant, tired, sore and potty training screaming meme, is truly the devil's work.


Aimee said...

You are soo lucky!

Haha, good luck potty training!

Anonymous said...

ahhh the joys of MIL and the frenchies! Potty training...LOL! You really are a brave girl at this stage cause you know darn well she'll revert as soon as she sees new baby girl getting her bum changed!
I'm researching to see if hot tubs and pregnancy work okay together..really is therapeutic!

Anonymous said...

HOw old is she? I got so fed up, and I do believe my dogs may have eaten some of my grey matter when it fell on the bathroom floor, girl is finally potty trained. And she did it pretty much on her own, in a snap. It was odd. Maybe just ease up a bit, and don't worry about it; when she sees you aren't paying attention, maybe she will want to do it?? or....not? :)

Anonymous said...

Look at me..commenting on your post a week AFTER you posted it.. BAD MP

OK, I was on vacation. should NOT have been on the floor.

The puke story.. OMG.. That is funny though. Glad I wasn't there or you would have made me puke.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

Danielle is she 2 and a bit, ahhh 26 months I guess. I really hate the month counting after a year old.

She is doing much better now, no accidents to report other than the occasional poop.

Anonymous said...

It's September...


Brie said...

dude...i had to potty train the youngest of the two girls i nannied...and that was miserable.

i don't envy you...and don't look forward to potty training my own kids in the future.

Lucy said...

have you tried using a reward system? m&ms worked for me when i would potty train kids.

granted...i'm sure they now all have cavities...but at least they can use the toilet.