Monday, June 30, 2008

Time is Flying by

I cannot believe that I have been so bad at keeping up with posting, my apologies and thanks to my frequent readers who keep checking back.

I suppose that life has got a bit busy and I have lost track of the days gone by. We are trying to enjoy the summer and our new deck, despite the frequent and intense thunderstorms that seem to be a daily occurrence. This past weekend we had some family over for a BBQ and enjoyed their company and the summer night. I love to sit out on a summers eve, with a cool glass of 0% Becks beer and just enjoy the night.

We are getting ready to leave for the Port this Friday. Which again is the long trip to northern Quebec. We are making it a holiday, but really it is for hubby's grandfathers funeral service. He died back in January, but there is not much that can be done in the middle of winter so we had to wait until now. Note that he was cremated and not just sitting there on ice, although some poor souls are. I think we are all looking forward to going though, as the entire family is going and we will have a blast during the rest of our vacation there.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant, really I cannot believe it and still having trouble believing that I am actually pregnant let alone over half way there. Although I am still exhausted, the morning sickness has gone from constant all day everyday to more of a random occurrence. I love this part of the pregnancy when you can feel baby and start to develop that bond. For those that do not already know we are having a little girl and although we were shocked at first we are excited for her arrival. I was absolutely hands down for sure, thought that I was having a boy. Not one thing was like being pregnant with DD1. I am much more ill and tired, I am much bigger and carrying different than I did with DD1. However saying that they have similar sleep patterns and DD2 is now just as active as DD1 was. Hubby and I are still debating names. He has even started a facebook group to try to sway me...I will not. Many thanks to all those whom have taken my side, I appreciate it. I am still pulling for Ada and I think that I will just send him for a coffee when the registry comes around.

This is at 19 week....need to update.

I got a new car this weekend, Ford Focus and it seems to be very nice. I don't hold much value in cars so excuse my lack of enthusiasm. It is ice blue with chrome details and tinted windows, kinda pretty for a mom Mobile.

I will post some pics from our vacation and I hope this ties you over until I return.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another proud moment!

My dad's birthday was this weekend and we decided that the family would meet for a early dinner to celebrate the event. We choose to meet at Swiss Chalet as it was close to everyone, cheap and willing to serve us at 4pm.

We all ended up meeting in the parking lot. My brother and his family which includes a 2 year old, a 5 year old, and a 7 month pregnant wife. My family which includes a 5 month pregnant mom, a 2 year old, a hubby and a sister. My parents were already in the restaurant and eagerly waiting our arrival.

We walked in together; the kids all holding hands with my sister, SIL and I waddling and the men carrying all the gear. I noticed the faces of those we passed as if to say, "that lot are breading machines, I hope they don't sit here".

We made it to our table and got the kids all sorted and we took our spots. Still several tables of seniors staring in our general direction...clearly over whelmed by our presence. We had four tables pushed together leaving a large gap between our table and the people next to us. That table had a young couple with a baby and another couple trying to eat while their baby is fussing. My hubby leans over and blurts out (he is incredibly loud to being with) stop with the one and then displays the with his hands gliding over our table, what their lives could become if they don't.

We order our drinks and food and the remaining tables around us start filling up. Just before our meal arrives my 5 year old niece proclaims that she needs to pee and everyone on the bench down from her has to stand up to let her out this includes my hubby. He lets my niece and my sister out and they return 5 short minutes later. My hubby stands up again and this time takes a few steps forward and cracks his head off the light hang where a table once sat. My husband grabs his head and at 4:30 in a family restaurant littered with small children and seniors yells out Mother fucker! That's right a giant mofo right there in front of everyone. The restaurant was silent until I tore a piece off of my dear hubby.

me: seriously, what are you thinking?
him: What?
me: mofo babe, really surrounded by young children of our own and others....mofo did you really just say that?
him: I cracked my head sorry, beside it's Milton have you looked around.....Gooood!

In fact I had looked around, especially at the woman sitting at the table behind us with three boys under the age of 7. Three boys whom my hubby had just become a legend to. Her face was that of a church going, good by seriously sheltered woman. I could see that she had never heard that expression used live. I guess it was an educational experience for her whole table.

happy birthday proud are you!