Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seven Odd Things

I have been tagged by MP in an attempt to keep my blogging...lol

I love the fresh fruit, but hate anything fruit flavoured, such as strawberry flavoured milk. Barf!!!!

I am not a fan of the ice cream. I occasionally get in a mood for it (3 times a year), but never by it to have at home.

I drink vinegar and pickle juice from the bottle...yummmy!!!!!

I have a strange relationship with dead people...spirits. They follow me and recently have started talking to me. It's irritating and freaky to say the least.

I hate to have my photo taken.

I hate to fly sooo much that if I see a plane landing or I am watching a show where they are inside I plane, I get nausea and could barf right there.

I can't poop anywhere but at home...inconvenient I know.

There you go peeps!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kick in the ass from MP

MP has kindly made comment that I have not made a post in a few months. She is interested in an update, Christmas holiday events, pictures...
So the guilt has got to me and here I am.

My business was crazy over the December months and I was basically baking up until Christmas eve if you can imagine. I did however make some decent money which came in handy when I had to replace all four tires, get a brake job and an oil change :O(

One of my orders.
Our Christmas was quiet but busy. We did a lot of visiting and dinners with family and friends which I love and it helped that I started my 3 week vacation on the 19th! Our friends Linda and Rob opened up their home to us for a joyful night of emotional eating and drinking, which I was in desperate need of. We had a great time as always and so did baby girl...she loves Linda's girls.

We were to have Christmas eve with Mark's parents, but Mark's grand father took a turn for the worst and in turn his parents went out to Quebec to be with them. So there we were Christmas eve all by ourselves. It was delightful and our first Christmas Eve together as a family in 12 years. We started off in the late afternoon making pumpkin pies together for Christmas Day dinner. Then we put on the always classy, yet traditional Christmas log DVD and opened our gifts to each other in front of the tree. Baby girl had an absolute blast as she handed out each gift with a little, "Merry Quismas Mama/Daddy. After Iris was up in bed with sugar plums dancing in her head, we order the most delicious Chinese food and had a nice dinner together while we watched the Christmas Vacation. I piss my pants at that movie every time!

Making pies with mom and dad

One of the pies and the Log DVD

The next morning to our surprise Santa had come and left Iris an abundant of toys. Her favourite being the little tykes kitchen...big hit. We spent some time exploring the new winfall and then later headed over to my parents for more gift opening and eating! All in all a great Christmas.

The new kitchen and a little thumb suck.
On December 29th we went out with Mark's aunt, uncle, cousin and Bob (lol) for a dinner and "show" at Mysteriously Yours. It is basically a murder mystery night with dinner. We had a great time.

Iris and her best friend Molly the Dolly

Cold snowy day.

New Years we spent at my brothers home along with my parents and sister. We had a great time and I found out that I am going to be an aunt again! Baby #3 is baking as we speak.

Baby #2 and Iris

Unfortunately Mark's grand father passed away on Jan. 9th from renal failure. Although a great sadness and loss for our family, he did have a great long life and is no longer confined to a hospital bed. Mark's Memere has come down to stay for a few months. It is a nice treat to have her here. She is enjoying the time she is able to spend with Iris and is getting some much needed rest.

Other wise all is good and I will try not to leave my blog abandoned.