Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Odd little creature

Have you ever looked over at your significant other and thought, "you are an odd little creature".

I love my hubby, he's wonderful, but he comes with a ring of oddness. To be fair we all do and I am most likely the poster child for odd habits people have, but the other day I was looking at him and I was flooded with all the things odd about him.

When you first start dating you are looking for the red flags and any sign that you should run hard in the opposite direction. You notice all the nice and kind things he does and assess their pureness as the bottom line is that he is trying to bed you ultimately. You take note if he has good table manners, does he tip well, is he funny...I could go on, but you don't get the chance to meet those hidden quirks until you are sharing a life together.

I am sure many of you are all aware that my hubby is much like a stale Twinkie; Crusty exterior with a creamy delicious filling. But here are some other oddities that you might not know about him. Little things that I have collected along the journey of our marriage.
  1. He proclaimed a few days ago that he hates chicken salad sandwiches as it, "fucks with his senses". He states that although he knows it's chicken he is confused by each bite as he was expecting tuna, which in turn saddens him.
  2. He is obsessed with Gossip Girl, a new T.V. show that started this fall. It is basically a drama about these prep kids that are rich and pretty much able to do what they want. There all cliques and story lines behind each character that slowly unfolds and reveals a little insight each week. A 17 year old girl would love it. Over the course of the last few weeks I have been shushed over 4 times. Last week I was asking about a few of the characters and he was flipping out saying, "why don't you ask during commercial". Lord love us honestly!
  3. He breaks everything, everything. My ladle, my spatula, my purse, etc.
  4. He absolutely freaks out if his hand are sticky or dirty.
  5. He folds his pizza in half to eat it.
  6. He gets Jimmy legs and then whines that he has them and bed time is 2 hours away.
  7. He has a bedtime!
  8. He works 3km from home, but leaves at 7:30 to be there at 8:30. He has a little route that he takes to relax before work. How the hell you relax during morning traffic is beyond me.
  9. Every six months or so he decides that he is going to quit smoking. He goes out and buys 3 months worth of the patch and sticks diligently to the program. He seems proud with his accomplishment of not smoking for almost 4 months, but what he really want is a smoke ...job well done. He is so weak.
  10. He scopes the parking lot for pull-thru spots. I was 9 and half months pregnant and he parked so frick'n far away because he saw a pull-thru. Note: a pull-thur is when one pulls their car into a parking spot only to find that the spot in front of them is too empty and you then pull up into that spot. It is a cheaters reverse parking job.

Just an observation.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Turd Burglar

The definition of a turd burglar is; A person who knocks on your stall door while you are in the act of defecating.

My baby girl is the ultimate turd burglar. I have reached the point of motherhood where privacy is non existent. Whereever I go she follows and with questions.

I am about to leave for work the other morning when I was hit we the "feeling". I sat baby girl on the coach with her warm bottle (trying to break her of the bottle is another story) and her Molly. I tell her:

Me: You sit here, mama needs to go pee pee
BG: squirming to get off the couch... I-is (her interpretation of her name) pee pee
Me: No No, Baby, you sit here and I will be back...inner dialogue, can I just have a poop without the commentary and big brown eyes staring at me.
BG: off the couch and running to the bathroom.

I get to the bathroom, start my pee and she stop, swings around with the biggest eyes and a perfectly O shaped mouth and says, OHhhhhhh mama PEE PEE...good girl mama". I thanked her for the recognition of my efforts and try to carry on with a bit of dignity. She then starts to slide herself between myself and the wall toward the back of the toilet and is pushing me. "Up mama Up, bye pee". Oh lord. I say no and she loses her mind throwing herself on the floor between the wall and the toilet screaming, "Pee pee, bye pee pee." I pick her up and she runs out of the bathroom and shuts the door. Ah peace!

Bang bang, mama, help. *sigh* now she wants back in and cannot manage to open the door. I open the door and in the middle of me trying to reason with a 17 month old that mommy is not done and would like to try pooh pooh, she hears Mark's shower go on and bolts up the stairs and down the hall to the main stairs. For Christ sakes... I jump off the toilet and run after her with my pants half up. I grab her and take her back to the bathroom. Along the way she has picked up a Polly doll and another has joined my party. I shut the door, drop what is left of my pants and attempt to wrap this situation up. During which time Baby girl is now sliding Polly doll up and down my legs shouting blissfully WEEEEEEEE mama slide WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

And we are done. I have to face the fact that this is not going to happen for me today. I may never be able to poop again. I just needed 2.5 minutes of peace and it all would have been nothing more than an after thought, but nope the turd burglar strikes again. Forcing me to carry around my poop all day as I do not public poop, and hopefully things will work out later.


Sister Sarah finally came home from he hospital on Monday afternoon. Turns out she had an ulcer too and they had to perform a CT and scope after surgery as she was continuing to have pain and vomiting. She is on the mend now at home, but still having trouble keeping foods down.

The man who wife was sent to IUC, was taking off the vents the next morning and transported to day surgery floor to recover. She is doing well and was sent home on Friday night.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Sister Sarah

I got a phone call from my mom on Wednesday night telling me that my sister had been taken to the hospital as her gall bladder attacks were worsening. My mom said she would call in the morning to let me know what the out come was.

I woke up on Thursday and had yet to hear from my mom. On my way into work I called her and she had just come back home at 5:30 that morning and is on her way back to the hospital soon. Apparently my sister was going to have emergency surgery and was just waiting for an opening. I decided at that point that my mom was really in no shape to drive out to 400/Finch and stay there all day by her self, so I headed over to her place and picked her up.

At the hospital we found a very sick sister Sarah. She was in a lot of pain even with the morphine. I felt really bad for her. At 7: 30pm she was finally taken into the O.R. and the doctor told us it would be an hour and he would come talk to us in the waiting area at Tim Hortons. Mom and I left and went to get some dinner. We got anxious close to the hour mark and waited for the doctor to round the corner at any moment. At 9pm my mom started to panic, but I assured her that all was well and they are most likely taking their time.

9:30, 10:00, 10:30 now mom is crying and is convinced that something is wrong. I was running out of things to tell her and she was starting to get me worried. I decided to go up to her room...maybe we had missed her, but the bed was empty.

In the mean time the gentleman whose wife came out of surgery before Sarah went in...is wondering around looking for her. We had over heard the doctors talking about a patient that was not breathing and was being vented and moved to the ICU. I assumed it was this mans wife, but I did not want to say anything as there is always a slim chance that I am just nosey and it's not her. This happened at 6:30, before Sarah was taken in. He kept saying to us that he cannot find anyone in surgery to talk to and the nurses upstairs are redirecting him back to O.R.. He mentioned that no one was in recovery, so Sarah must still be in surgery. At this point my mom pretty much loses it as a 1 hour procedure has turned into over 3 hours and she is thinking the worst.

Then this man finally finds out from the nurses up stairs that his wife has been moved to ICU, as she is not breathing on her own, and he left to investigate that was at 10:45pm...nearly five hours after the fact. I felt terrible for him and I hope that she is fine. It was morally heart wrenching to not tell him what I had over heard. Thank God the nurse told him, as I am pretty sure I could not keep it from him much longer....stupid doctors put me in that position.
Mom is really freaking out now, because if they kept that info from him then what are they keeping from us. His wife's surgery was a simple procedure too, she just didn't want to come around in recovery and so they vented her.

We decided at this point to go down to the O.R. and ransack it until we found Sarah. As we walked in Sarah's O.R. nurse comes running from one of the rooms and stops in her tracks.

Nurse: What are you two still doing here?

Us: Waiting for Sarah to come out of surgery.

Nurse: Who

Us: Sarah...Gallbladder

Nurse: Oh God she left hours ago.

Us: What

Nurse: Yeah 8:30, her surgery is done she's gone back to her room.

Us: But the doctor never came to tell us she was out

Nurse: oh. I am sorry...she's fine the surgery was fine

We headed back up to the room where Sarah has been asking for us for the last 40 minutes or so. We must have passed each other when I checked the first time.

She is doing well and will be coming home today. It was a really long day and I am glad I decided to go with my mom. I could not imagine her sitting alone through that. Holy stress.

This is Sarah while we are waiting in the OR. I am killing time by trying to convince her that she is pretty. She was too sleepy to play so I took a picture for later, and by later I mean face book....I'm a bitch!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Nothing better than a belly full of turkey and a four day work week.

We had our thanksgiving celebration weekend, which was a good time had by all. On Saturday hubby and I hosted a beautiful turkey dinner for my family. I would like to give a shout out and big thanks to my hubby who actually cooked the entire dinner...he's the man. Now before you all get bent out of shape with jealousy I would like to note that I baked non stop last week and I cleaned the house...It is only fitting that he cook a meal. Besides that, he has a culinary arts diploma and I would hate to see his education go to waste.

Our turkey was super good and yes it was yet another beautiful bird compliments of our fish monger. Thanks a bunch Paul and the family at Paul's Fish and Meat Market!

On Sunday we were invited for an afternoon and dinner at Mark's Aunt and Uncle's place in Ajax. We had a fantastic time and my sides are still burning from laughing so hard. We dined on a crown of pork, dressing and more veggies that you could shake a stick at. We had a ton of laughs and great time bonding with the family and friends. Look forward to Christmas.

On Monday we headed over to another set of Mark's aunt and uncle's home for a coffee and a holiday visit.

Overall great weekend, but I am having trouble taking this week seriously. I really want to just lie around and rub my gut.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fall Happiness

I love the fall. It's cool and crisp with the of this year. The colours are beautiful and the feelings of the up coming holidays bring joy to my soul. I love the holidays, thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas...check check and check, Love it!

I am hosting thanksgiving at my home this year and looking forward to getting the family together. I have not seen my brother in a few months, so I am looking forward to spending some time with him and his family. I of course am in the thick of the holiday baking. Which started right after the preserve season. I will bake now through to New years. I have a small business of selling bake goods; trays of sweets for parties, boxed selections for gifts and other goodies. I am doing pretty well at it, but it takes a lot of time management and organization, but so far so good...I even have a website, but it's under construction, but lots of fun.

I am really writing this post because I had my first honey crisp apple! I am an addict...Now! I am loving the honey crisp!

Happy thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!