Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fall Happiness

I love the fall. It's cool and crisp with the of this year. The colours are beautiful and the feelings of the up coming holidays bring joy to my soul. I love the holidays, thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas...check check and check, Love it!

I am hosting thanksgiving at my home this year and looking forward to getting the family together. I have not seen my brother in a few months, so I am looking forward to spending some time with him and his family. I of course am in the thick of the holiday baking. Which started right after the preserve season. I will bake now through to New years. I have a small business of selling bake goods; trays of sweets for parties, boxed selections for gifts and other goodies. I am doing pretty well at it, but it takes a lot of time management and organization, but so far so good...I even have a website, but it's under construction, but lots of fun.

I am really writing this post because I had my first honey crisp apple! I am an addict...Now! I am loving the honey crisp!

Happy thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends!


Anonymous said...

ahh, the honey crisp goodness! we discovered them last year when they first came out and we are definitely hooked, even at $2 a pound!
I love the fall as well, i'm just a fat kid in love with the return of heavier clothes to hide the lumps!

MP said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I don't know what a Honey Crisp Apple is?? I know Jonathans and stuff... Do you need to send me one or just invite me over Monday for turkey??

I love Thanksgiving..if I lived in Southern Canada or Northern US I would have to just celebrate it twice!

A holiday giving don't have to buy gifts and it's surrounded by great food..can it GET any better? I mean really!!

slouching mom said...

There is NOTHING like the honey crisp. It's almost too good to be true -- except its price, of course.

michelle said...

honey crisp sounds yummy .. save me some!
hope to see you soon ..

Casdok said...

You sound busy!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jefe said...

I'm with you on fall, or Autumn, as I like to call it when I'm feeling pretentious.