Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Word!

MP said...
HELLO...first it was "cute kid" and we needed with being pregnant mama...HELLO...we need updates please!!
9:52 AM

My word you are all so
Okay...due date at it currently stands is November 3rd 2008, I expect it to change as it has changed twice now. I must admit that I am a little freaked out about having a baby this year. My plan was to return to the fertility clinic in June which would put us at a due date for next spring. however, I am starting to think that God isn't over impressed with my detailed planning and may have heard my secret whimper that , "This would be so much easier if I just got pregnant".
Pictures???? Forgive me but I am dumb when I am preggers. MP what nature of pictures would you like to see here. If you think I am posting a baby bump you're nuts. This plus size beauty is not ready for that type of situation. I will scan my ultrasound pictures for you and maybe take an artistic photo of my bump for you all to enjoy.
I think this one is a boy. I am super hungry all the time and started getting up in the night to eat. I started showing at about 9 weeks and purchased maternity pants at 7 weeks. I am continuing my gag and heave ritual for 20 minutes every morning which is super special especially with baby girl hanging off my leg say, "it okay mama". Which in turn I mumble, "become a lesbian dear".
Thank you all very much for your warm wishes and I will be sure to keep you all posted of my developments. MP and Linda, keep the demands coming. Think of my comment section as you own personal suggestion boxes!
After re-reading my post I realized that MP never asked for I am seriously dumb this time round, my apologies MP.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the shit list.

Here are a few comments from one of my disgruntled fans.

Linda said...'s April Hello are you in there? Don't make me send MP after you...after all you do post when she requests it! I'm sorry maybe you are sitting by the fire with hot chocolate in your pj's?
1:01 PM

Linda said...
3:06 PM

The comments where on my last post which clearly has been sitting there longer than Linda would like to see. I believe that the comments are a couple weeks apart...serious poking I guess.

In an attempt to free myself from the shit list, I will provide an update since the past post.

I have not been particularly busy, just occupied. I had some health problems that have left me with little to no energy. I woke up on night with wicked chest pains and figured that it was heartburn, but after taking some tums and milk, quickly realized that this was not heartburn. I paced around the house for a few hours before waking up hubby and getting him to take me to the hospital. After 8 hours it was determined that I was having a gallbladder attack as a results of 5 gall stones. I was not overly impressed, but thankful that I have not had an attack since...knock on wood.

The last two weeks I have been battling a respiratory infection which had me off work most of last week.

Baby girl just celebrated her second birthday this weekend past. I can't believe that she is two already, the time really does speed up when you have kids. Anyway, she was pretty excited and now that she is two she will be giving up her crib and moving to a big girl bed. Pray for me that the transition is smooth.

Florida has been haunting me for the last 3 months. Shortly after getting home I started to fall ill with flu like symptoms, it turns out that while in Florida I picked up a new family member along the way...I did not declare that with the border agent.

We were actually could not have been anymore shocked. Hubby ended up going out and buying the new digital pregnancy test because he said he could trust stupid lines. We have always been under the impression that we are unable to get pregnant on our own. We have not used birth control since baby girl was born, why bother. So truly a surprise and a miracle....we are thrilled to say the least.

I did end up having to go back to the fertility clinic as a patient for prenatal supports. Unfortunately once I get preggers, I can't stay preggers. So I was put on Progesterone suppositories again which began to fail. They upped the dose to three and then four a day, which again I got the phone call that my numbers were dropping. The nurse finally called me in and basically told me that the suppositories are for some reason not working. She is recommended that I start taking progesterone shots or I will lose the baby. Not having a choice I took the shot right then and there. The next day Hubby was brought in and trained on how to administer the shots in my arse, as I would need they daily. He was a champ and we were done it 10 minutes. He was so proud and announced to the admin staff that he was the quickest she had ever on many counts. I truly thank hubby for being able to give me the shots, it is not an easy thing to have to do to someone you love. Thankfully I was able to stop my shots as of yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

So to wrap it up this pregnancy has been kicking my ass hard and I just have not had the stomach to write about much. I am really hoping that now the shots have stopped I will start to feel better. Maybe some more posts.