Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Word!

MP said...
HELLO...first it was "cute kid" and we needed with being pregnant mama...HELLO...we need updates please!!
9:52 AM

My word you are all so
Okay...due date at it currently stands is November 3rd 2008, I expect it to change as it has changed twice now. I must admit that I am a little freaked out about having a baby this year. My plan was to return to the fertility clinic in June which would put us at a due date for next spring. however, I am starting to think that God isn't over impressed with my detailed planning and may have heard my secret whimper that , "This would be so much easier if I just got pregnant".
Pictures???? Forgive me but I am dumb when I am preggers. MP what nature of pictures would you like to see here. If you think I am posting a baby bump you're nuts. This plus size beauty is not ready for that type of situation. I will scan my ultrasound pictures for you and maybe take an artistic photo of my bump for you all to enjoy.
I think this one is a boy. I am super hungry all the time and started getting up in the night to eat. I started showing at about 9 weeks and purchased maternity pants at 7 weeks. I am continuing my gag and heave ritual for 20 minutes every morning which is super special especially with baby girl hanging off my leg say, "it okay mama". Which in turn I mumble, "become a lesbian dear".
Thank you all very much for your warm wishes and I will be sure to keep you all posted of my developments. MP and Linda, keep the demands coming. Think of my comment section as you own personal suggestion boxes!
After re-reading my post I realized that MP never asked for I am seriously dumb this time round, my apologies MP.


MP said...

Thank you dear..Yes you could post pictures of your lovely daughter OR of the ultrasound, that would be nice.. and yes I suppose it is a boy if it's sucking that much of your brain.. LOL

November 10th is my birthday ... just saying...

New baby for Christmas... Yeah...

Anonymous said...

Dumb does not sum it up. If a street car and mike Tyson had kids… they would still outsmart you at this point.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

Show your face ass-munch.

Yep that there folks is my baby daddy.


Colleen said...

November 2 is my birthday...that would be fun :)

Maybe I could be godmother :P
(Just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Oohh! Congrats!!