Sunday, May 11, 2008

Behind on the photo of the day.

Way behind on this sorry :O(

Here is day 15...planning ahead.
Proof that Frenchies truly have a different way of life.

Day 14
One of Dancer's chubby pups...

Day 13
A sample of some of my painting. I especially love this one.

Day 12
My Nana and I, one of my best friends and I miss her dearly. She would be proud that Iris shares her name.
Day 11
The yellow boots...

Day 10
Ship wreak at Port Cartier.

Day 9
Our last visit with him...Hubby's Pepere.

Day 8
The birth of my baby girl.

Day 7
I love to see my husband laugh...I fall in love again.

Day 6
Our dog, Dancer.

Day 5
Feet that I love.

Day 4
Just because it's beautiful.

Day 3
Thing 2...The newest love of my life, I cannot wait to mean this one.

Day 2
My favourite Tattoo of Hubby' girls foot print at birth. Thing 2's will go on his left leg.

Day 1
My girl, I love that face.


MP said...

Trying again..we may have a blogger issue...

I want to hear ALL about the dogs and puppies. Are you breading?

LOVE the new baby...girl boy..hmmm

Baby girl's face on the bottom pic..pricless!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hysterical that you surpass even MP in your posting of pics!! Good for you!
I love the picture of the sonogram!!
Thing 2...that's pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

oh, i love the tattoo! what a great idea! the newborn picture and the little feet-those are always such lovely things to capture!!!