Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things that spook me!

I think that I am a pretty well rounded and mentally stable individual, yet I have collection of random things that seriously spook me, some even terrify me.

As I was driving into work this morning I noticed a shoe on the shoulder of the left lane. It was a man's dress shoe in good condition and belonging to someone with a eye for fashion. It creeped me out. It then occurred to me that I often see shoes on the highway and I always have the same unnerving reaction. I few exits ahead I noticed a second shoe. A man's black coloured runner turned upside down and discarded under the guardrail. I always think that this must be the only remains of a car accident. I mean why else would a shoe be out on the highway? Then I think that this person must have been quite injured to forget their shoe. I mean if they were just getting out of the car to check the fender, they would not take off a shoe first...hmmmm.
Maybe my EMS girl could comment on this one.

I drove a little further and began to laugh about all the other random things I am spooked by...maybe I am not as stable as I thought.

I am fearful of Banshees. I understand logically that it is a folklore, but the crazy side of me is not taking any chances. Never will I look out the window or go outside when I hear cats fighting, as the wailing of the banshee is thought to be a similar eerie sound. In fact the sound of a cat howling makes my hair stand on end. Never ever ever will you catch me picking up a comb off the street either. A banshee's calling card if you will...I think not!

I have an irrational fear of clowns most likely stemming from an association with a very unfortunate past family member. Clowns are generally creepy and will not be part of any party my kid is at. I am really uncomfortable with the way they have made themselves look happy, but inside one never know the true emotion of the clown.

I fear balloon. Most likely associated with clowns, but none the less they are unstable and unpredictable. Oh lord and that squeaky sound they make...ahhh shivers.

I am spooked when I am woken in the early hours 3am. Things are too quiet and I am not comfortable with any presence that I at times feel. I am especially hate when I wake because someone called my name. YIKES.

I hate dolls. You know the kind that stand there and watch you. The ones that eyes open and close. I hate porcelain dolls, old fashion dolls, really to be safe all dolls. My parents were moving and we were house hunting which lead to us visiting a home my parents loved. They took us over for a showing and we walked about looking at all the wonderful space and features. I went up stairs and headed into the master bedroom; I was not prepared in the least for what waited for me. I entered and immediately crapped my pants; hundreds of dolls. Little ones, big ones, some standing, others sitting, a few even in cradles...all looking at me with that vacant stare. I remembering standing there my eyes darting in every direction I was starting to panic when my mom walk in and started to laugh. I didn't find it funny, nor did I find it funny that they bought the house.

Ps. this also go for ventriloquist dummies...Mr. Marbles!

I will never and encourage others to never purchase or take a mirror from an antique sale, garage sale, attic or roadside. Shivers....Buy new always...I am not going into it with you.

Last but I am sure not the least, I am not okay with the ice cream man that drives through the neighbourhood. His little truck and eerie music gives me goosebumps. I never really had an encounter with the ice cream man growing up, but I don't trust them. I lovingly refer to them as "pedophiles on wheels". I know that it is a bit of a blanket statement and somewhat discriminating, but they creep me out. Why do they all have to look like they were just released from prison on a community work integration program. Driving slowly looking for children out the tiny window, luring them helplessly with the monotonous music and pictures of dancing ice cream cones. Nope not a fan!

So after careful evaluation and reconsideration I am retracting my first comment on this page. I appear to be less normal than I thought. Please feel free to comment about you own fears.


Heather said...

Oh Kate, my dear..reading this, I could swear that I wrote this post! But then again, I know you are well versed on my fears so this should not surprise you! I don't like abandoned shoes on the side of the road either but I especially don't like those makeshift crosses that you see on the sides of highways either. You just know that someone has died there and that just creeps me out to no end. I'm not a fan of those mirrors you mentioned as I have had a bad experience with one that was bought at an auction.

And I just have to ask if you remember my reaction to the doll thing at your parents house?! Yeah, the dolls weren't even there but that room was uber creepy! I can understand the banshee thing as my grandmother used to always warn us about the comb on the stree thing..oh, and feathers on the street too but that is another story! I'm just creeped out by far too much! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm always wondering about the shoes on the road thing! An accident or a pissed off girlfriend tossing her mans shoes from the window as she rolls down the highway....who knows. Clowns..yeah I get it, I don't like them either! Balloons well not so much.
For me the spookiest is when one of my grandparents decides to come and visit in the night and they don't even have the courtesy to just come say hello and then no they have to wake me up for conversation at one in the morning...It's happening alot lately. Not that I don't love to see them I just wish they'd call first! I guess there just are no phones in heaven??

MP said...

OK..I never heard of some of the fears you have..the whole mirror and cat's fighting thing.

Me: I do NOT like all. I'm not afraid of them, I would just prefer not to own one or have one in my house.

I am scared of driving..I mean I do it every day but I just KNOW one of these days an idiot is going to kill me or the bridge I'm driving on is going to collapse and I'll free fall or be undre it and it will crush me. Flip the coin though, I love to drive..just not around bridges and tunnels..but it gives me that "high"..that adreniline (sp?)

Shieldmaiden96 said...

You aren't going to like my answer to this one, I'm afraid.

Last Monday we responded to a motorcycle accident near my town. The man hit a cement filled pole, two mailboxes, and snapped the 2" support cable cemented in the ground for a telephone pole before coming to a terrible abrupt stop. He was knocked out of his landed beside him, the other one was 30 feet away. Further away were his gloves, the face shield to his helmet, and his motorcycle, which landed in pieces that had to be collected over 20 square yards. His broken legs and vacant stare and puddle of blood didn't bother me as much as it bothered me that once they did all the measuring and recording and we lifted his little broken body into the bag and the funeral home took him, we drove away and left his gray velcro-tab Pop-Pop sneakers on the side of the road.

Anyhow, I wrote about it. I just didn't include that part. For a few days it just bothered me too much.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

There you have on the roadside equals death, which equals creepy.

i figured as much, as if I were still alive and driving past my shoe on the QEW, I would proably stop at some clam time and collect it. I mean what the hell good is one shoe at home.

ps I did read that one...shame. You are strong woman than I.

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Oh, and I have to ditto the doll thing. I HATE dolls. Someone recently did a post about those really lifelike baby dolls you can get. Just don't Google that. Eeeek. They are horrible.

I dread customers with doll collections because I have to say something nice. Something other than "We'll be sure to carefully pack your Victorian-garbed totems of Satan, don't worry."

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see that old movie about dolls? I actually think it is called 'Dolls', but not sure. Okay, I saw it when I was like 10 or so, and I could not handle any of my damn dolls in my room after that!
The shoe thing. I have always wondered how they get there too. Car accident? A Pissed off loved one? And I've also wondered if maybe there's a foot in that shoe??? Arg!

Anonymous said...

Most Icecream vendors care not one whit about your children, as long as the little bastards have raided your purse for two bucks to buy a outrageously marked up popsicle-"Here's your popsicle now beat it unless you got another two bucks."

Tricia said...

Clowns - ubber creepy! There was a girl in my hall in college who had a creepy clown doll like the one in Poltergeist in her room, her roommates used to hide it on her cause they were creeped out by it too. So one time they hid it in the cleaning closet in the hall. I went into the closet to get out an ironing board and iron one time and it was in the back of the closet staring at me and I screamed bloody murder and woke up most of the hall. LOL

Dolls also creep me out - not kids baby dolls usually but those awful antique creepy dolls or collectible dolls and a room full of dolls is just beyond creepy.

The rest - well doesn't bother me in the least. I have an antique mirror that I love - but I know where it came from - my great grandparents bought it brand new sometime in the 1930's.