Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things that make me rant out loud

Sorry for the delay in posting, still part time insane. I thought I would once again make a condensed post of my random rants.

1. Still losing my hair...God the stress is good....feel the burn. I am now pulling whookies out of my bath drain just for shits and giggles. I should sell them on ebay. I will look closer at them and see if I come across a whookie with the face of Jesus in it!

2. This is day two of stale humid air in my work place. For reasons I am unable to disclose via blog we are being forced to sit in our own sweat at our desks. Yesterday I thought I was going to slip into a coma of some sort.

3. I am so frick'n tired of Tim Hortons and the lack of brain cells required to do the job. I repeated my coffee order 3 times this morning, when I pulled up she had a medium coffee and a muffin...no sweetie....XL coffee 2 cream 1 sugar....that's it....fourth time. You know what her reply was, "HUFF". She huffed me for her stupidity. Then she handed me my coffee and huffed again as she said, "have a good day". Maybe you should use a Q-tip before slapping on the head set. Too bad I am addicted to the crack in the coffee or I would boycott.

4. I hate the people I drive to work with. The stupid barbie in an SUV doing her hair and make up in the rear view as she drive 33km down Burloak. (heavily use one lane road, post 60km) The fuckstick that sat at the drive way of Tim's for what felt like an hour with his left indicator on, only to turn right. The woman in the parking lot that insists on reverse parking but takes six runs at it as I "patiently" wait. You know what sweetie...you're embarrassing yourself. If you cannot swing your compact car into that spot in one pass then it is not meant to be. Reverse parking is clearly not your forte....let it go...just let it go. She did and basically abandoned her car 3 feet from the end of the spot and parked on a wicked angle so that no one else can park beside her....but she in folks.

5. MIL...will be the death of me for many reason, but this morning especially. Maybe I was edgy from being up from 4 am on due to terrible chest/back pains.
I sat baby girl in her chair this morning and gave her some water and a piece of banana to start her off while I made her toast. She ate a bite of the banana and then threw it to the dog. I scolded her and gave her the toast topped with my own homemade concord jelly. I am preparing my lunch when I look over and she is mashing the toast between her fingers and rubbing it in her hair. As I walk over to her she throws the toast to the dog. I was so mad I could have spit! IRIS!!!!!!!!! WE DO NOT EAT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!
Iris: OHHH Mommy mad and bangs her palms on her tray....she repeated this 3 or 4 times laughing in between.
I gave her another piece of banana which she seemed open to, but quickly became a mistake as she mashed it while she sang, " mash banana mash banana, hot ato hot ato (ato=potato)". God damn it...fucking wiggles.
How does this tie into MIL you ask. She is my daycare provider and has several meals with Iris during the week. I have witness a few of these meals and it is mayhem. Why give a year old a yogurt and a spoon and let her go at it. She will now always want to do it herself. It is all over the fucking place and although cute this time...not so cute after I have bathed her and got her dressed and trying to get her some breakfast before leaving for work. Not so cute in a restaurant or at a not so child friendly home. MIL sings the damn wiggles song with mash bananas while she's eating and lets her mash her food. Why the hell would you make that association for her. Lets her lift up her bowl and drink from it, or lick her plate...it's called a spoon and table manners. FRICK! Finally she lets her feed the dog when the meal is over or if she is done with something. So basically I can no longer take my kid out to eat as she is a pig at the table. I understand she is 17 months and she is going to make a mess, but she still needs to learn manners and the proper way to eat. This display of pig eating will not be cute at 7.

6. Iris's new word, ah shit...clear as day. I am surprised it's shit and not fuck as I have severe potty mouth...shocking I know, but true.

7. Catholic schools not wanting to really support the HPV vaccination at school because it promotes a message that the catholic school broad is okay with young girls/teens having sex. As HPV is caused by multiple sexual partners. The vaccine is really a wonderful break through in the cancer research. This could eliminate many cases of cervical cancers and it is now being researched that there is a possible link between HPV and the rise in brain tumors.
I think it is ironic that the Catholic school board is up in arms or HPV and sex, but is carefree about the dress code or lack there of, for their young female students. In efforts to protect our children I would not post pictures of what I see daily, but you have witnessed it yourself I am sure. On Monday I dropped of baby girl and there is a Catholic school a the top of MIL street. As I am driving up the street I notice a girl maybe about 17 walking ahead of me. Honest to God it looked like she was wearing a white dress shirt, a large knapsack and a pair of black shoes. It was like her knapsack had a pair of legs hanging from it. It was not until I got along side her that I could see her kilt aka plaid belt. Honestly, how do you let your daughter out like that. I know that some roll the waist but not the case here...her shirt was quite tight and that's a lot of rolling. I do not understand how they are sitting at school. There is no way they are sitting on their kilts. Ick...another use for lysol wipes. And those poor boys...they are just hitting the worst part of development, when their junk has a mind of it's own. These poor guys must have to tape it to their leg, just to get through the day. They cannot be learning much, not with all the images of naked legs, slight glimpse of a butt check bent over at the locker, tight white tops and a chance of rain. This is the real image the the Catholic school board is promoting...you can look at our young girls, but you can't touch. Sickos. Iris will be attending a catholic school and if I catch her wearing her kilt as a belt she'll be saddened. I will squeeze my plus sized body into her tiny kilt and walk her to school myself...that should fix it.

8. I have started a little business and it seems to be doing really well so far.

9. I am still having chest pains, but not as bad...despite not finding anything wrong. So I guess I am just going to live with it.

10. Cannot wait for the weekend!

Thanks for the rant and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

AH Kate! You so do make me laugh! I'm sorry about the hair (but if you find anything interesting I might be interested in acquiring it before you turn to ebay), sorry about MIL making life with little princess difficult! We are a VERY child friendly home and all of you (including Dancer) are always welcome, nothing a little dog can't take care of. Yucky air at work...yeah, stay home in air-conditioning, drinking lemonade, I'm sure they won't mind! teehee! Stupid people at Timmies...I get one everyday. We are to the point of testing coffees before leaving the window!! Nimrods on the road...nothing to be done here, just be careful out there!

{{HUGS}} Lin

Aimee said...

A business? Does it involve renting your child?

MP said...

...you have some issues!!

The hair, mil, coffee...I think you need a boring day.

Play hookie one day and run away.. go to a movie by yourself or something. You need it!!