Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Going Crazy

Well from my lack of posting one could assume that I have been busy.

Your assumptions would be correct. It is really just day to day bullshit.

  • my workload continues to be through the roof
  • Back to school has impacted my commute as I knew it would...from 25 minutes to just shy of an hour and a half today. If you covered my drive in bat shit, rolled it maggots and force fed it too me...I couldn't hate it more.
  • my stress and anxiety levels remain high resulting in poor body functions; hair falling out, throat closing, panicked breathing and my teeth are loosening
  • I cannot get a good coffee these days as I am so late for work, I can't wait in the 22 minute Tim Horton's line up, So I am forced to drink country style....tasting much like cat piss with coffee grinds stirred in.
  • I am experiencing little to no down time at nights which is mostly my own fault...making jams, jellies and pickles can do that to you.

I am sorry for the lack of post and will hopefully be back to some normalcy in October...maybe November to be realistic. Keep checking back I am bound to fire my stack about something.


Jefe said...

Apology not necessary. Believe me, I know how real life can completely throw a wrench into eLife!

MP said...

You teeth or loose? That is NOT good. Are you getting check out?

Can't you just brew a big ole pot of good coffee and bring it in a to go cup? I have a pot w/ a timer so I can smell it when I wake up in the morning. Yummmmm

Anonymous said...

That MP she's so unlike know she's practical and shit! But I will admit she's right about the whole teeth loosening thing...go and get that checked out or you will be doing what I did at RibFest...yes think back, that's right...that is how it all starts with loose teeth!

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

MP-you are clearly not familiar with the addictive agents in the Tim Hortons's like crack.
I too have a coffee maker that I can wake up to but it did not come with crack :(

Linda- haha Ribfest....I was at the dentist on Monday and he said that they are just feel loose to me. I can feel them shift and they ache from clutching my jaws at night.

Kim said...

Sounds like you have a lot to juggle right now, just take your time.

Would LOVE it if you would email me a pic of the babykins yanno...

AmyD said...

Good luck getting control of your time and new schedule! I used to work full time and go to school full time (before I had a house); I look back on it now and wonder how in the hell I did it without losing my damn mind. Oh wait...I think I DID lose it. Nevermind. ;o)

As for your physical detriments, that's not good! If that keeps up, you HAVE to find time for a visit to the doc. If your health goes, ain't nuttin' gonna get done, woman! Ha!

AmyD said...

I just read your comment about waking up with loose feeling's very possible you are clenching or grinding them at night due to stress (I do it and have a biteplate to counteract it - my dog just ate it though...). Try buying one of those clear mouthbites that football players use...soak it in hot water and bite down hard on it to make indents with your own teeth. Wear it for a few nights and if it helps, you might have TMJ and your dentist could make something more permanent for you later on if it continues. Good luck!