Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seven Odd Things

I have been tagged by MP in an attempt to keep my blogging...lol

I love the fresh fruit, but hate anything fruit flavoured, such as strawberry flavoured milk. Barf!!!!

I am not a fan of the ice cream. I occasionally get in a mood for it (3 times a year), but never by it to have at home.

I drink vinegar and pickle juice from the bottle...yummmy!!!!!

I have a strange relationship with dead people...spirits. They follow me and recently have started talking to me. It's irritating and freaky to say the least.

I hate to have my photo taken.

I hate to fly sooo much that if I see a plane landing or I am watching a show where they are inside I plane, I get nausea and could barf right there.

I can't poop anywhere but at home...inconvenient I know.

There you go peeps!


Anonymous said...

Oh my friend....we are so alike!
I am not a fan of the ice cream unless it is the once a year stuff that I get from Dairy Queen and maybe occasionally when visiting someone that serves it.
I love the vinegar as well!
Relationship with dead people okay, not so much but have been known to get the occasional visit from loved ones that have passed on...
I also hate to have my photo taken...for me something about being fat.

I don't like to fly so much but will if it means getting away to somewhere warm and hell I'll poop anywhere (this comes with age I'm sure!)

So see, you are not so strange...or maybe I am strange as well?!?!?!?!

MP said...

LOL..you crack me up!!

Pickle juice..OK...

I love strawberry flavored milk from my morning cereal!! YUM!!

Heather said...

Oh hon..I'm really sorry about that new development with the spirit world. And I know that you know what I mean by that..lol. Who knew that a pink and white dress could cause so much of an uproar?!

The pickle juice still just kills me. I know that you are I are definitely VERY much alike (acid washed winter jacket bring back any memories?!) but definitely not with the pickle juice and the ice cream!

And as for the pooping thing, I have proof that you can do it so there is hope!! LOL