Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting so big.

Baby girl started daycare/nursery school back in the middle of January. We decided to put her into something more structured for two days a week to get her exposed to other children and personalities. Baby girl has a big personality and she needs to meet others with the same disposition to keep her in check. We were also looking for her to have more opportunities for growth and play. Up to this point she has been with MIL full time, which has been a helpful, but we never intended for it to be a permanent situation. We are also toying with the thoughts of having another baby and really we needed a place that baby girl is comfortable with that if a baby does appears she will know that "school" is her special baby free place. I place that won't change just because I am on a mat leave. A place where she has great friends and fun times.

So hubby and I went to a meet and greet in December at a new centre that was opening down the street from us. We loved the staff and the vision they had for the children. The facility was being built and everything would be new and up to code. That night she offered a calender of a sample menu for the month. It included but not limited to: Brown rice and teriyaki Chicken with a homemade fruit cup and milk. Tuna on multi grained bread broiled with a little cheese on top, banana spears and fresh juice. Oatmeal, grain bars, homemade oatmeal cookies. The actually have a chef that develops the menus and cooks for the kids. I wish she would prepare my dinner for pick up too.

After our meeting we signed on the line immediately as our city is limited when it comes to childcare places and truly we loved it.

Baby girl did really well the first day, week, month. She met some little friends and is learning to get along with many different personalities. She is learning self control and respect of others and property. She is beginning to understand that although she is very cute, the world does not revolve around her and that she needs to share, take turns and consider the feelings of those around her. She is understanding that her actions have consequences, that she can make others happy, but also hurt others feelings. We think that this is the best place for her and she has grown so much in just the short time she's been there.

This morning was a big milestone. Before our trip to Florida she went into school (we call it school) like a champ, good morning, hi kids, bye mom. However since our return she has cried everyday and throughout the day for mommy and daddy. Very unusual and out of character for her. Today we finally had a drop off that was positive. No tears, no begging, just smiles and right in to see the other kids....champ!

I know that she is safe and will stop crying shortly after I leave, but it is a much nicer feeling to leave her on a happy note. I am guilt ridden all ready that I have to work and not be there for her full time, I soothes my conscious to know that she is not stressed when I leave her.


MP said...


You write that with such pride..after reading Linda's post about how proud she is of her baby girl Aimee..and now your baby's so similar..yet so different.

That is awesome that she is loving it..I'm sure her freaks outs were just do to the change from the vacation.. she'll get in the swing of things again.

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

LOL...never realized that Linda and I were talking so proud about our baby's. One in preschool and they other working towards a doctorate. I suppose it shows your parents never stop being proud of you.

Cheers MP :O)

Anonymous said...

Superstars that's what they are!!!! I'm so proud of your little prodigy. I'm glad that she's experiencing that because it is so important although being with MIL is special as well!
Aimee has always said that Iris is just like her and she would know!