Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I wanted to respond to a comment left by our dear MP on my holiday blog.
She had many points and questions that I felt should be answered.

The comment is as follows.

*One of these days I'll have to try your famous it THAT good?
I joke about many things, but coffee is not one of them. Tim Hortons as sick as it sounds, rocks my world. You absolutely should try it, but I have most likely ruined the experience by all the hype. Canadians are pretty passionate about hockey and Tim Hortons. We send it to our troops it's affects are that powerful on

*I would have SO jumped in that SC tub.. I want one of those at my house.
Me too. I don't believe that a home is complete without one...damn hubby.

*Dinner at Shoney's sounds like it SUCKED..sorry about that. Being American I feel responsible. McDonalds would have been better I guess.

Sucked assed, blew goats, would make a nun flip the bird! I agree that McD's would have been better, but I don't not hold you responsible in the least. Overall our American experience was enjoyable. To make up for the horrible dining, your Targets rock.

*8 hours from South Carolina to Orlando? Wow, I had no idea. It's a 2 day drive for us too.

Yep about that. We did 10 hours from our house to South Carolina...spent the night and did 8 hours from South Carolina to Orlando. Mind you we had beautiful driving weather and no traffic.

*Did you stay in the park or just at a near by hotel?

We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort in Hubby's uncle's condo. As free is in our budget!

Did you know they have packages at Disney for something like $1500...and that's for a family of 4? We may do that next year.

Totally worth the money. Our friends that were down the same time as us do it every year with the kids. It includes park fees and dining if you want. They fly out of Buffalo as it is way cheaper that Toronto. The best sales they same are from just after Christmas until the 3rd week of February...then you hit spring breaks.

*33 days til my Aruba trip..when you described getting out of the car I could actually smell the warm air..especially after I look outside at the ice/snow/sleet.

If I close my eyes and breathe real slow I can almost smell it again....ah the warmth of the ground the lush flowers and a kiss of chlorine.

*Iris is so fricking know that don't you?
Yes I know. She is pretty great!

Thanks for the comment're great. Hope you have a blast in Aruba. You will be back just in time for some beautiful weather of our own.

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MP said...

I love it! My own personal post!