Thursday, February 28, 2008


I just read that Aimee is moving onto her PhD and want to say that I am super proud of you!

I am sure this has been a very hard last few years, but it has paid off and everyone knew you could do it. Enjoy your dinner and pop some Champagne this is a huge accomplishment.

I hope you are reading!

ps....I am a blogging freak this


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice comments for my future caregiver!! FYI she's already popped the Champagne and is well on her way to being inebriated!!

MP said...

You do know that one of these days I'm going to make it up there to hang out with you and Linda..we're going to have Timmy's coffee then go to Linda's house for dinner..then we'll go shoot some of these days..

MP said...

New bling for you!! Come get it..although you commented before I was finished :-)

Anonymous said...'s April Hello are you in there? Don't make me send MP after you...after all you do post when she requests it! I'm sorry maybe you are sitting by the fire with hot chocolate in your pj's?

Anonymous said...