Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life as a mama

Hello all and sorry for the lack of posting, but motherhood is not as cushie as my career
(my boss reads).
I will try however to make more of an effort to keep you all abreast...I said breast! Yep, not a lot of adult stimulation around here.

First off my feet look great! Pregnancy sucks when your only body part you can be proud of is your feet and they looked like potatoes with nubs on the end.

Secondly...I love being a mom. I love it all and will be back on the baby making train before you know it.
I really had no idea of what being a parent was going to entail. I knew about the pooh and the puke, but I wasn't perpared for the insane love that you have for your child. It is just amazing.

Here is an update on baby girls progress.
  • She is 5 months now...ick closer to going back to work.
  • We have had 2 rounds of shots and she took it like a champ, just a little lip quiver.
  • She was 15lbs, 5ozs at her last visit at the end of August so I bet is she around the 18lbs mark. Keep in mind that she was almost 10lbs at birth.
  • Foods we like are rice cereal, peas, green beans, squash, sweet potato and pears
  • Not so much for the applesauce, peach(causes a whole body twitch) and carrots
  • Toys we like are the mobile, her crinkle bear, teething ring, jumper, mirrors and the dog
  • Toys that scare the living crap out of us....the new extreme tickle me elmo (thanks memere)
  • Milestone: smiling, laughing, cooing, chatter, reaching, rolling over, sitting alone for a few minutes, pulling herself to sit up, sleeping through the night, almost ready to cut teeth, and starting to cry when mom leaves the room (goodtimes)
Hope everyone is feeling caught up. I have very few seconds to share some photos and I will write again very soon.

Little thumb sucking to get you through your day.

Standing alone.

Not so much for the tickle me elmo...he scares me too. 50 bucks well spent.

Lounging at the cottage.

Who said a happy meal wasn't fun for adults too.

Signing off

Totally jeaslous of everyones new Skins!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Welcome back! Totally missed you! Thought you might have been swallowed whole by the diaper pail or something!
She's quite a cutie! Love the Pirate Princess look!

Colleen said...


And of course - WELCOME BACK!!!

Aimee said...

Wow, I thought I would forever check this blog in vain, but look who returned to show off her cutie.

Welcome back. I look forward to the future blogs.