Sunday, March 18, 2007

The tax man can kiss my ass!

I fucking hate tax season. Every fucking year I owe. I use to get a couple hundred back when I was in high school and working a part time job, but it would seem those days are gone. The last time I got money back was in 1992. 1992, does this seem right to anyone.

I thought for sure I would get a refund this year seeing that I am on a non topped up mat leave and living in the red and pretty much no joke at the poverty line since April. Nope, I owe over a hundred bucks. I have friends that bring home a few thousand a tax time, what the fuck am I doing wrong.

When I am working full time I make 50K a year, I make monthly RRSP contributions which is matched by my employer, I have taxes deducted from my pay bi-weekly and union dues bi-weekly, and yet some how I owe. Might I also add that I do not qualify for GST either and nor did I qualify this year being on a mat leave. I am convinced that it is my husband and his stupid in the box tax software in combination with the fact that I got married and had a kid. I love my baby, but for everyone that said, "wait until your tax refund"...well they were full of shit or cheating on their taxes.

Now my husband gets money back he gets to claim baby girl (believe I squeezed that almost 10lb baby from my pelvis), but he made more. Even so he is still only getting several hundred (how the fuck are people getting a few thousand. Please if you have the answers I am listening), but it's money back, of course minus the money I owe, as I cannot afford to pay it.

I am grateful of this and our money is shared, but I am just pissed and honestly jealous of those couples who are able to bring home a refund of several hundred or couple of thousand each. Do you know what I could do with that money. Not to mention that I work and I work hard. I commute an hour each way on the damn QEW, to already bring home a fraction of what I agreed to be paid and then not even be able to have a refund to contribute back into my family. I might as well be June f'n Cleaver.

Friends- "oh what a nice deck"
Me- oh thanks it new...we were able to purchase it thanks to Ward's tax refund. He's my working man. (insert country club laugh)

Don't get me wrong. I would love to be a stay at home wife/mom. I am actually begging for this position, but I can't because we cannot afford it by any means. So if I have to work and then I should see something for it too.

Whatever, just feeling sorry for myself. I just thought that this year I would actually be able to get ahead, maybe do something wild and crazy with my refund like paint my builder primer walls of 3 years, but not in the cards. I was banking on so much more now that we have baby girl and I disappointed. I feel like Clark Griswald, when he didn't get his Christmas bonus, but instead a jelly of the month club gift, after he had put a down payment on the pool. Glad I did not buy that pool eh.

To all of you how are getting money back. Enjoy it...


Colleen said...

I feel your pain.

Try being "independent" taxes being deducted...and having to pay GST. Last tax year I owed $4,500.

I can't wait to see what happens this year!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm probably gonna have to pay this year as well and that really sucks the big one! I agree!

ron said...

I happened to stumble across your blog as I was looking to see how I can get a GST refund for SW service I purchased a few years ago. Independent SW are now GST exempt and the exemption has been back dated to Oct 03.

Your situation does sound unusual. Normally there is an amount of tax you owe and it is paid in installments withheld by your employer or remitted by yourself if self employed. It is unlikely that the tax program is in error, but your husband my not be inputing the data correctly. Other than that, it is possible that your employer is not withholding enough tax from your pay cheque.

In any event, I am a financial planner in Kingston and do taxes for some clients. I would be happy to look at your situation pro bono if you like.

I recently punted my web site, but I am still listed on Kingston Links (Google Ron Turley). Our office number is 1-877-354-0290. I generally work at home, but one of our assistants will take a message. Or you could email me at