Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rocking in a corner

It's true. I am moments away from being found in a corner rocking and humming in a chant like way. I am a neat freak and perfectionist which golden for a domestic goddess, but not so much for a mom to an 11 month old and a dog. The kid is not too much of an issue. I asked for her to be in my life and I love having her, so there is no choice when it comes to her happiness vs my need to clean she wins always. I make deals with myself, when she's awake she has the run of the house, when she goes down to sleep...I tidy up.

It is the dog....That hairy bitch is dropping fur like mad. I understand dogs shed, but this is unreal. I have never seen anything like it.

I was nutty about it when I was hair, no hair must vacuum, must vacuum. I vacuumed about 2-3 times a day between the dog and the 2 cats I was going nuts. I have since rid my home of the cats and their fur, but the dog remains.

I keep the dog as it is not an all round situation, but merely 3 weeks twice a year. (lol)
Even so, I want to hurt my self especially now that baby girl is crawling and cruising around collecting it. I turn around for a second and she has found a ball of fur that she's trying to ingest. It is just everywhere and is hands down one of my biggest "pet" peeves. It's in my bed, on my clothing, all over baby girl and her stuff, in my kitchen...MY KITCHEN...please see "run get your panties" post, hair of any type does not belong in my kitchen. I swear to God I feel like I am going to cough a hair ball.

To all my family reading this, I assure you that the kitchen is cleaned every time I prepare food. I can just see my moms face now, "and she's having us over for a birthday party, good God I hope no one finds dog hair in the food". Put a Jewish swing on it, she pretends she part time Jewish when she appalled. The dog will not be here for the party, nor will her fur.

I have been pleading to hubby to shave the dog. He just laughs. In fact he thinks the whole situation is a riot. Is it wrong to shave a lab?

I cannot keep vacuuming twice a day. I have so much more to do. My sanity is truly being tested.

Welcome to my Days....

Hubby Tries to help and offered to brush the dog outside yesterday to ease my pain...not so much, as this is what I opened my door to this morning.

Yep that is a whack of fur there on my front step and a little more on the lawn at the bottom of my steps, along with a dirty fag. Honestly he is killing me slowly.

My front hall with tuffs of fur sticking along the closet doors and my kitchen floor...BARF!

And finally how my carpet looks now..................and how it will look in 2 hours from now.

Truly hell on Earth.

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Anonymous said...

ahhh, the joy of not having enough hours in the day....or enough energy to keep up with the madness. Give up Hun! It's better for your mental health to just do what you can and let the rest take care of itself. Baby Girl will cough up a hair ball if she eats too me! LOL!