Thursday, January 12, 2006

Women after my man

New Years!!!!

Ahh remember the excitement, the planning of where to go, what hot place would be the perfect occasion for that special midnight kiss. Buying the perfect little (that's right use to be little) black dress and strappy shoes. Spending hours doing our hair and make up so that everything was just perfect.
Showing up to a hotel buffet breakfast the next morning in that little black dress wearing a hint of smudged mascara being mistaken for an escort girl, had it been any other morning. Sitting at a table slowly sipping the best cup of coffee you think you've ever had while you stare silently across at friends who also think they just might die.

Surprisingly enough I don't miss it. Married, 30 and over 6 months preggers I was perfectly content to get together with friends for a night of laughs.

I was thrilled when we were invited to our dear friend's Linda and Rob's home for a night of eating and good company. I would like to thank you both for a wonderful evening and opening your home up to us once again. We had a wonderful time and the basement a.k.a your pride and joy is absolutely beautiful...Wonderful job well done!

Now we, Mark and I were not the only guests invited. There were many friends there to mingle with. Linda even graciously opened her home to the neighbours...Ironically enough she choose, "be kinder to stupid people", as a resolution. I think that you are already accomplishing that obstacle nicely.

So during the night I cannot help but notice that my hubby who is what I like to refer to as a stale twinkie (crusty exterior with a sweet soft filling) is flirting with this girl at the party. Normally he is not what I would call a social butterfly. He usually just sits back and takes it all in until he says we are leaving. Anyway, I catch him winking at her and she'd smile and sweetly wink back. She'd offer him chips and they'd make eyes at each other. Now I can't blame him for being drawn to her, I couldn't take my eyes off her the whole time. She was beautiful, an absolute doll. It was getting late for her and she was getting on past her bedtime. She starts making the rounds saying bye to everyone, when she gets to Mark. She climbs up on his lap and gives him a big hug.
Colleen and Neil your Little One is a darling!

For those reading hubby's posts, he has mentioned some of his desires with regards to our baby and fears about being a dad. I know that he would love a boy. I know that he is going to love this baby no matter what, but I see him with my niece and Hannah and my heart melts.

We were at my aunt and uncle's over Christmas and my cousin and his wife came over with their daughter. My cousin was pointing around to all of us telling his daughter our names and who we were to her. He gets to Mark and Madison (my niece) stands up and says, "Oh this is uncie Mark. I love this guy". He may not know it but he is the best with kids and the little girls always flock to him. I am sure he would be just as wonderful with a little boy and a dream come true, but if this baby is a girl. It will be daddy's girl forever.


Anonymous said...

Okay, well thanks for the Kudos on the "be nice to stupid people" thing but I did not invite them (the stupid neighbours I mean!) You are right, Hannah is absolutely adorable and the little girls love Mark cause they don't understand his crass male ways! Talk to them in 20 years and see opinions change.Mark will make a great father! You, Kate my Dearest, will make a FANTASTIC Mom! Keep on blogging! Welcome back!!

Heather said...

I'm in total agreement with Linda on this one. I was watching Mark's interaction with Hannah on New Years Eve and you are right..she was just drawn to him. It was the cutest thing to see Mark being so incredibly gentle with her. And as for you, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are going to be the best mom to your little one. We couldn't possibly be happier for you both..:)