Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Witness protection program.

Hubby and I have long discussed the idea of selling our current home and moving into something that will do us until we head over to shady pines. Something that our kids can call home forever, permanent roots. I would like a fourth bedroom, a finished basement, a larger yard, some windows (townhouse), but it is really just wishes at this point (are you taking notes Colleen). It's really a space issue for me. I am a neat freak and clutter is not allowed, even so I am feeling limited for space. I would think much of it has to do with baby girl and her endless supplies and such. This is our second home we have owned since we've been married and I see a pattern forming here.

I have had my fill of packing, unpacking and finding new places to put my crap. The last place I came home one Thursday night to find an agent sitting at my dining room table.
me- Hello
Hubby - Babe this is Joel, he's selling our house!
Me- Riiiigggghhht
Joel - It will be on the market Monday ( with a big smiling on his face)
hubby - great eh?
Me - riiigggghhhttt....babe bedroom now!

The place sold 7 days later and our belongings went into storage for a year.

It turns out that for once in his wee life my hubby was right and it was the push I needed. I hate to move. I hate everything about it and I hate the thought of putting baby girl through that over and over.

I mentioned in a post a while back that I moved a lot as a kid. Much like we were in the witness protection program. I have lived in ........moment to count....
16th street
Shale Oak
Toll Court
Jennings Cres
Walkers line
and my Current address....haha stalkers!!!!!!!!!
nine homes.

I am 32 and my first move I was 9 years old....ohhhh spooky 9 again.
I remember 9 because I was at camp. Doe Lake, if you'd like details with the girl guides. I went away for the week. I remember packing all my things my shorts and tees with names tags ironed on the insides, toiletries, like I'd brush my teeth at nine if my mom wasn't there and my panties of course in case we baked!
What I don't remember was packing up any household items.

I had a great time away from home and Remember getting off the bus after a week away from home and running up to my parents, who were eagerly awaiting my arrival. We got in the car and as we drove I heard the words most of us would only think was a joke...Kate we moved.

me- moved what
mom- house, we moved to a new house
me- you moved, what about me
mom- you moved too
me- No I was at camp.

Yep my parents up and moved the week while I was away. They figured that it would just upset me if I knew before I went away. Not only did they move but they move to a completely different part of the city. I was not going to be able to go to the same school, or play with the same friends. I thank my parents now as we were living in Skidville, but I think the process did emotional damage and now I am Leary of moving and camping for that matter.

My moms favourite saying is, " yes we are moving, but it is only a 10 minute drive from the old place". My parents are currently living an hour and 20 minutes away from the house on 16th street!


Colleen said...

The notes have been taken.

Let me know when you're ready...and besides, baby girl is still too young to remember.

Now if you sold Mark with the house, she might remember and miss him!!!

Anonymous said...

na! I say sell with the big guy! No one will notice...okay maybe the new owners might object to him controlling the remote, we all know how he loves to share.