Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Look out Bikini Villiage!

I am not sure what everyone else purchases at the grocery store, but I can tell you there is nothing fun on our list. I was at the local Fortino's on Sunday with baby girl to pick up a few things and I couldn't help but notice what people had in their carts in my line. It was amazing...I was gaining weight just standing beside it all.

We have a motto in our home, "If it's white, it ain't right". Basically this translates into whole wheat multi grain everything. Everyone knows of my husbands obsession with fibre and I am obsessed with everything healthy. We (no kidding) spend at least 30-50 dollars on produce a week sometimes more depending the season. I am gawking at the carts cookies, ice cream, crackers, chips, frozen meals.......drool. There is absolutely none of that in my house, okay I have thinsations for cookies (lunches), mini chef ice cream bars (so tiny) for ice cream and this week I treated myself to a pack of buckwheat noodle and a tin of lychee fruit. I bet you all want to come for a sleepover eh!

I have been back to work of 10 weeks now and every day I bring my lunch which consists of a container of fruit (raspberries, blue berries, strawberries, sometimes grapes, mango or water melon), and a sandwich usually a slice of turkey breast with honey mustard on a PC bun. I might have a pack of thinsations later and another coffee. Yep that's lunch, breakfast and dinner are just as exciting.

Last week I was back at the specialist and he weighed me....I am down 15.5 oz IN 9 WEEKS!!!! Look out Bikini Village here I come. I was thinking of picking up something strapy so that I look like a strung roast!
Are you fucking kidding me. I'm eating fricking rabbit food and being ever so careful as my coworkers are ramming takeout down their bong holes and I have only lost in ounces. Previous blogs would indicate that I don't exercise, but who does really? I don't really know anyone that hits the gym or fitness routine religiously.

The cardiologist says that my test all came back fine and that there is no indication of heart problems so I was probably right to think that I am suffering from anxiety attacks....yeah thanks. However, he would like to do one more stress test....baaahaaa! Yep, this one will be the same as the last, but I will have an ultrasound on my heart before and immediately after the test. If this shows no issues then I am fine. I cannot imagine that my experience will be any better. I look forward to all the tape and the gentle pep talk the fitness technician!

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barefoot wanderer said...

i'd like to say that i've been through all that - but it would be a total lie lol.

i'm in a difficult position - i want to be healthy, but i can't stand fruit and veg except under particular conditions (i will guzzle home made veggy soup till it comes out of my ears, likewise with fresh fruit juices etc)

you need to balance the good with the bad - every now and again you need a good greasy cheeseburger. Else all the 'good' stuff has no point to it - and the tiniest little indulgence will feel like a betrayal of everything lol

just my opinion anyway