Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What's happening here?

I drive by this ad every morning on my way to work. This morning like many other mornings traffic stops just about in fornt of the billboard and I am forced to stare and analyze it.

Maybe some of you would like to offer up your interpretation of the events unfolding here.

I am puzzled as to what exactly is transpiring. What is the message that I am suppose to take away from this advertisement? It is an ad for retirement living. The senior in the red, has a firm two handed grasp on the first young boy's forearm and is pulling him towards her. The second boy in blue, has his hands and arm wrapped around the boy in the middles arm and is pulling him back. What the hell? Is this a disturbing game of monkey in the middle or tug-a-boy? I just don't understand the message. How does this reflect the retirement lifestyle. I am getting a message that the seniors are feeling unappreciated and neglected and living in a far off land. Therefore they lure and steal young children for their companionship, modern day Hansel and Gretel.


Mark said...

I thought that the kid was punching her in the Box!

MP said...

ooooo...too me it looks like a bit of bad touching... lol. Who is the idiot that would think that image, as you are driving down the street..would actually be a good thing??

FYI: Thanks for stopping by my blog, I LOVE comments :-)

Great Dane Addict said...

Grandma is pulling the boy towards her saying, "COME VISIT ME!" The other boy is saying, "NO, GRANDMA IS CRAZY!"

See? Now don't you just want to buy an apartment for old people? I sure do.

OMG, I just read the first comment on this post and spit out some coffee. FAB.U.LOUS.