Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Magnets, Stickers and Bureaucracy

With the state that the world is in today, who would imagine that little magnets and stickers would be top priority and leading controversy. I of course am referring to the latest issues brought forth by City Council ending the "unofficial, unapproved" one year support-the-troops decal campaign.

Last year the fire fighters, EMS and other front line emergency staff (plus many citizens), decided to display their supports for our Canadian troops by purchasing and placing yellow ribbon magnets and stickers on their vehicles. Many of these emergency workers are ex-military themselves and the gesture is purely to support the men and women currently fighting in Afghanistan, those who have fought the previous wars and in tribute to those who have fought and died for our freedom.

There was mention in one article by a local Council member that the purchase of some of the magnets and stickers where made our of public tax payers money without the city's approval. Uh, interesting. Now City Council is worried about where our tax money is going. Really how much would the decals have cost...few grand for all of them. Seriously, I much rather have it go to that, then another pay increase for Mayor Miller. I would say that the City Council members and politicians have no right to point fingers at this matter regarding tax payers dollars. When is the last time any of them paid for a dinner, drove to Ottawa, or flew coach....but I digress.

I have mixed feelings about the war in Afghanistan, I do agree that we need to defend our national security, but I am not sure how I feel about our Canadian troops being there and being aligned with the U.S.. I think Bush is a very scary man, with short man, small penis complex and way too much power...a modern day Hitler...a side blinker (not quite human. Eyelids close side to side when they blink instead of up and down). I don't agree with much of anything he says and it is unreal that he is running such a massive country.

What I do know is that I quite frankly don't have the balls to leave my family, go abroad and fight of my own freedom. These people have chosen this as their career and I support them in their choice. I am therefore very grateful for all those who have, and continue to do so on my behalf.

I don't display public support for anything really, it's not my style, but I do understand and am not offended by those who do. City Council may want to stop and think about the 57 soldiers so far that have been sent home for final resting since this war began. Maybe while they are bickering back and forth today over the vote and God damn bureaucracy, they could stop and think about the young bride weeks away from giving birth to her first child, who had to stand and wait on the tarmac while her husband is carried off a plane in a casket.

No one can tell me that they do not feel for that woman and her family. We have all seen the media coverage and felt sadness for these families and thank God that it wasn't our own. Because of these courageous people making the conscious career choice to be in the military, Canada currently does not have mandatory drafting in affect. Get over yourself and research what people are actually supporting here before you run your big political mouths offs about something you clearly know nothing about.

Just read...3 more will be returning home this week for final resting.


Aimee said...

I agree whole heartedly
I thought almost your exact same words (lets be honest, they weren't nearly as eloquent) this morning when I saw the news...


PS. Thanks for blogging...finally

Anonymous said...

Here! Here!

Such foolishness by City Council!!