Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Must post, must post....

Things have been a little wild and I have not had a chance to post.

Work has been beyond busy and has resulted in bring work home at nights which does nothing for my sex life let me tell ya. I hope that normalcy in the work place is restored soon, so the heart palpitations and hair loss will end.

Baby girls is cutting all four eye teeth and is having a real go with it. Poor thing is almost at the point of wearing a life jacket to protect her from drowning in her own drool. She is up through the night and is moody during the day...can't blame her her gums look horrific. In addition she just received her immunization on Friday and that is just adding salt to the wound. On the upside she is doing well according to the doctor. 83cm, 24.15 lbs and talking up a storm. Nothing sounds better after a tantrum than I sorry mama....and a kiss. I am seriously thinking of jumping back on the fertility wagon for another kick at the bucket.

My sister seems to be doing much better. She was in the hospital for a week and a bit and then back at the surgeons office for a consult. She was having terrible pain after eating and experiencing chronic low blood pressure. I mean really low...53/47...almost dead.

She was admitted into Milton hospital which is near her home. Now not to knock the hospital, I am sure they are wonderful for minor illnesses, broken bones, stitches, but I would not recommend going in with something mysterious like unexplained low blood pressure. The staff was nice enough, just no communication between the doctors.

She had one doctor in particular that was in my opinion was taking hit from the bong in the doctors lounge. He was about my age (30ish) and really I have no idea how he got his scrubs on all by himself. He was talking to my sister in this stoned monotone voice coming up with all sorts of ridiculous reasons for her low blood pressure. He finally stated that she was a bit of a mystery and continued muttering to himself as he walked out. The next night he came in while my sister was enjoying a Timmies coffee and announced to that he had been doing some research and may have come up with a diagnoses.

Dr.: Ah, do you like have coffee stains that come and go?
Sis: What?
Dr: a coffee stain. Do you have one that comes and goes?
Sis: Looking at her coffee and then looking at him says, Um I don't think so, but I am not sure what you are talking about.
Dr: Okay, no coffee stains (writes in her chart)....it turns out he was speaking about a cafe coloured birthmark that appears and then disappears for a few months/years.

Dr: I was reading about this man in the seventies that half of his head had hair and the other half was basically a giant birth mark. Do you think that might be you?
Sis: Eyes bugging out of her head, No. No, I think that I may have noticed that. Sis is beyond confused as he is looking at her in the flesh....can he not tell that she is probably not a candidate for that particular diagnoses.
Dr: Oh, um, yep you're a mystery and walks out muttering to himself.
Sis: Called me right away, and we killed ourselves laughing

She checked herself out the next day after he came back in stating that he was confirming her blood transfusion for 2 pm....after arguing with her about needing it he discovered she was the wrong patient.

Other than that I have not much more to report at this time. Just needed to get back into the posting game.


Anonymous said...

ouch! Glad to hear sis got out in one piece...was there ever a diagnosis by a qualified physician?
Sounds like Baby girl is doing very well despite her teething! Shouldn't things be calming down at work...now that the summer is over I would have thought it would just be report writing...but hey, what do I know?
Anyway, glad you are posting again to keep me busy and smiling!

michelle said...

Love your posts!
Please give baby girl a big hug and kiss for me!
I hope things settle down for you soon ... when they do, lets get together!

MP said...

Oh my flipping god..some doctors are just psycho!!

PS..I'm so happy we don't have memories of those teeth pushing through our gums, my coworker said her daughters little boobies hurt while coming in too..I don't remember that either!!

Jefe said...

I'm back!