Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The dead guys following me

So I have always believed in the spirit world and their excessive need to pop in and out of our lives at their leisure.
I had heard a rumor from my friends Linda and Heather that there was this woman that walks among us with spooky powers, The Wizards Daughter a.k.a Joan.
Joan was invited to my home this past weekend to give me and my hubby a little reading since I was not able to attend the party that Linda and Heather were at.
I have to admit that although I am a believer in the spirit world I am also very leary of it as I tend to be a bit of a port hole for them. Our intimate reading quickly turned into a family affair and as others descended back downstairs from their reading, I grew that much more anxious. It was finally my turn and I have to say that she was quite good. She maybe in fact be a witch.

Without boring you with details here's what the cards reveled:

1. She stated that I had a good marriage. - True

2. Stated that we met by mistake. - True

3. Stated that I wondered who would ever marry this guy. - True

4. She knew I had lost a baby that I wanted to name Jack - True, if it had of been a boy

5. Stated that Jack would return back with another named Alex, identical twin boys - not so sure about that, but it's a comforting thought that she saw some prospects of kids.

6. Stated I had mood swings and that she feels that they are caused by food allergies - mood swing... What the hell, who does she think she is, in my f**k'n home telling me I have....ahhhh she said I would have babies. I love babies :o)

7. Said I would be moving out west for a few years due to my hubby's job or something and that I won't be happy but need to go - The hell I do. I am sure he can get his own apartment and fly home on weekend. shit now... I have 2 new babies

8. Stated that I had ties to the movie industry and that I should be there for my career - True

9. Said that I did not have any angels or spirit guides, but instead a large gang of spirits that follow me around for a collective conscious. That these spirits came to me during my birth when I was in trouble and have been there ever since. She asked if I had ever felt I was being watched in the shower/tub or while I sleep? - True, my mom and I did almost die during my birth. And hello, I shower with my back to the door and never ever look out or into the mirror during the showering procedure as I feel something is always watching me. I think I liked it better when I thought that I was crazy. A bunch of dead guys following me and watching me shower...sick bastards, but I guess chubby chasers cross over too.

10. She said that I worked with a man who is a lair and his behaviour is unpredictable and he is very much in everyone's face. - TRUE, especially seeing that I work with all women and the only man is exactly what she described.

11. She stated that I had a client who had died and was following me (too) and appreciated all I had done for her - Maybe true who knows most of my dead clients are guys but hey...Just add her to the other dead guys following me.

Over all I was pleased and felt strangely at ease. I am not sure if anything will come of it, but I am glad that I agreed to the experience.

Signing off
Kate and the dead guys


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your experience was a good one....Jack and Alex, hmmm...can I tell you how happy MIL was to hear this! She now thinks there will be one baby for both her and Mom. None for you and Mark, so sorry! As for the dead guys...they couldn't have a better leader!
You are the best my friend!

Heather said...

Oh honey...having been present with you for many "interesting" experiences, I can attest that you certainly seem to have a knack for attracting the dead ones! Hmm, where should I start?! Perhaps the hand on my back while sleeping at your place...or maybe the "thing" that Denny was playing with in your kitchen one night? Oh I know! How about the "visitor" that let in the cold at that restaurant we went to a couple years ago...when there was no window or door nearby. Should I go on?! lol But really, I'm glad that it went well and I'm sure you gave Joan quite a lot to work with! Personally, I can't wait for the arrival of Jack and Alex..;)