Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ah, What the figgy pudding!

If Mrs. Clause married the Grinch himself.
I am not exactly sure what went wrong with his childhood, but somewhere along the way my husband has developed a serious disgust for the holidays. Every single one of them, but Christmas is the worst.

He hates the tree trimming.

Despises holiday shopping.

Rejects the comfort in having friends and family near.

The caroling makes him want to vomit....blah blah humbug.

I have my theories being a social worker what the issues at hand may be, but that is another post. The fact that he hates Christmas and I simply adore the holiday to it's fullness, is a true test of our marriage. I have been given strict instructions since the day we were married, that under no circumstances is a Christmas decoration allowed to be displayed in our home before December first! I sit anxiously and patiently every year pleading that November is a perfectly acceptable time to put up a tree. I parade him up and down the isles at Costco where the Christmas decorations fight for positioning among the Halloween decor in October. He's reply is always a glare and an abrupt NO!

This year he made a grave error. He took me to Fankenmuth, Bronners to be exact....the happiest place on earth. Bronners is a massive Christmas store open 361 days of the year. My trip to this Christmas wonderland sparked my Christmas spirit early this year. My return in November did not help, in fact my second visit catapulted my glee for the season into overdrive.

Hubby left for sunny California last Friday and returns this Saturday morning. I have never really been one for respecting or adhering to the regulations of glorified authority figures...you know security guards that carry a Maglite, the green smock ladies at the hospital, librarians, my husband.

So I decided, what the figgy pudding, it will be December first by the time he opens our front door...lol I have DECORATED and I am bursting with holiday cheer.

In case he is lurking, "SUCKER, Merry frick'n HO HO"!

P.s. The kid is on my side!

Santa Baby!


Anonymous said...

LOL! If you enjoy it so much you should be able to revel in that in the privacy of your own home! You shouldn't be reduced to meandering through the aisles of some giant store just to get a fix like a drug addict!
Good for you and tell hubby that I agree with him and he can come live with me next year in November!

Lucky Gem said...

Made it to your site.

Social worker, eh? My degree is in Psychology. I miss it.

MP said...

Hoo hoo hoo... I think that it is 100% OK to decorate the day after Thanksgiving..cause what else you gonna do, go to the mall w/ all the wackos..ooo no, are you a wacko?? No offence...

Jessica said...

I have heard the best things about Frankemuth. I would love to head up there some time but DH would rather shove hot pokers in his eyeballs than go there. Oh well.

slouching mom said...

And what a cute kid she is!

Malls in December cause panic attacks in my husband. No joke.