Monday, November 12, 2007

Jingle all the way!

As the snowy weather approaches I am reminded of a tale that I will never live down. To this day my dear friend Linda chuckles as she tells the punch line.

I had just graduated from college, I was purchasing my first home and about to be married in less than a years time. The company in which I currently work for was not hiring, but could foresee an opening with in the year. They told me to find a job for the time being and they would let me know when they had an opening. After a few weeks of realizing that I am about to take on the world unemployed and panicking about what I was going to friend Linda came through.

Linda approached me one night at pool. She stated that her company was looking for temp help and would I like a job. Linda worked for an industry that I knew nothing about. It was corporate and I was a certified tree hugger, I did not think I could do it. However in the always encouraging manner Linda proclaimed, "You can do it. You just need common sense stupid". I took the job.

To be honest, it was the first "real" job I had ever had. My first corporate experience in an unforgiving industry. I needed a mentor and their was Linda. I her grasshopper, she my mentor. Linda is one of the kindest, loyal, generous, loving, intelligent, shoot from the hip, don't talk to me today if you want to live, bitches I have ever met. She's great, but will take you out in a moments notice if you fuck with her or her family. I love her!

So I am the temp which equals new girl bring coffee. Everything is going well and my contract continues to be extended and I am making my mentor proud until one fatal error.

At the time I was living with my parents in Mississauga and had woke at my normal time to find a shit load of snow had and continued to be falling. I proceeded with my shower and getting dress all along with the looming drive hanging over me. I hate driving in snow and at that time was ridiculously paranoid about it. I grabbed my purse and headed out to the highway listening to the traffic report which only fuelled my anxiety. It was still dark and snowing as I entered the on ramp of the 403. I managed 2 exits when I witnessed a car skid off the road and end up in the ditch. I lost what little nerve I had and proclaimed that no job was worth my life...drama queen. I exited at the next ramp and went back home. I was freaked out, but I realize now that cars don't just fly off the road...that perhaps he was driving at an unsafe speed and in a dangerous manner causing him to leave the road way that day.

I returned back home 30 minutes later, slightly shakened. I proceeded upstairs to my bedroom, changed into my p.j's and robed, went back down to the kitchen and made a half coffee half hot coco, flicked on the fireplace and joined my mom in the living room.

Here is the error. I picked up the phone and called Linda, whom of course was already at work (she's a keener) and foolishly began telling my story. You tell me where I may have gone wrong.

Lin: Good morning
me: Hey Lin
Lin: where are you
Me: I am sitting in on the couch, in my pjs, in front of the fire sipping a hot coco! giggle giggle
Lin: WHY!
Me: It's snowing
Lin: No Why are you not here?
Me: (gulp...and in a louder voice) It's snowing
Me: Lin? (the silence was the key that we were no longer on the same page)
Lin: yep
Me: it's snowing too bad here. I started out and then a car....(I was abruptly cut off)
Lin: So I will see you when?
Me: (cute peppy voice) Tomorrow...I'll bring coffee :O)
Lin: yeah so you are sitting on the couch curled up with a coco in front of the fire and you won't be in today, am I right.
Me: Yeah sorta sorry...I feel bad, but it's...(cut off again)
Lin: Insert scary laughter...ooooo-kay. So not at all today. Not even later when it's not snowing, like when they have cleared the roads? Not then, not today eh?
Me: oh you're mad at me
Lin: still have a good day with mommy
Me: dial tone...okay you too.

The rest of my time there (which looking back is a surprise that I had anytime left) was spent trying to live down that day. Why I didn't just call in sick...period was beyond me. Why I thought that because it was Linda a friend, that she'd go easy on me, is a mystery. I plead young and stupid and seriouly lacking common sense afterall.

The out come of this little story has been interesting though. Firstly I feel guilty beyond belief when I rest in bed for a while, nap or call in sick for anything. Secondly, I subconsciously inherit ted Linda's above standard work ethic, and my team thanks you Linda. I am the biggest bitch when it comes to people calling in. It drives me to hear about their sniffles and such. One ex-coworker called and said she wasn't coming in because they were calling for snow! It hadn't even snowed yet like in my case. I didn't take it lightly...Linda you'd be proud.



Anonymous said...

Such a proud moment! I still laugh just thinking about it! I laughed out loud reading this! You've done grown up just fine Grasshopper!!

I'm very proud of you!

MP said...

Great story! Your a are supposed to drive in the blizzards and snowstorms, it's in your blood..just like the folks from the Dakota's, Minnesota, Buffalo NY and Chicago!! Us folks here in St Louis stay home when we have an ice storm and I am 100% OK with that. ICE=me on the couch w/ coco and my pj's on...Snow..get your ass out of bed and get to work.

Jessica said...

LOL well I am glad I do not work for you. If we get snow I work from home. I have lived in the midwest for 35 yrs and I hate hate hate winter.