Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hating this week.

I am currently sitting at my desk listening to Christmas carols over the net as it makes me happy. Christmas is my most favourite season ever and carols help soothe the anxiety attacks and rage I have during my work hours.

Yesterday was the closest I have ever come to picking up my purse and walking out...just one of those horrific days that kept getting worse. I am actually surprised that I left last night still employed, as I was convinced that I would quit or be fired...either way leaving without a job.

On my drive home I thought of my day and others work ethics of lack there of, an came up with a new reality show...urban survivor. You take 16 not-for-profit employees and place them into the corporate world, (lets say where Linda and I use to work together) and leave these poor people there to work for one month. Now that's quality viewing! Linda would be Jeff in this spin of survivor.....ahhh lol good times!

Adding insult to injury, the drive was ridiculous at one hour and 45 minutes. Tim Hortons was as disappointing as ever and I drove away with my diaper bag on the top of my car last night. I was only five minutes away when I realized what had happened. I called the in laws and asked them to take a quick look for me. I turned around and made my way back to their place keeping my eyes peeled for the bag. I met my FIL at the end of his street carrying my bag. I discovered that it had been opened and gone through...all the little zippers and pockets violated. Seriously, what the fuck did you think you'd find other that diapers and wipes. It is clearly a diaper bag and if you had found money, would you have really stolen it from a mom you filthy pig. I breathe deeply and hope for Karma!

Today...not that much better, but short of winning the lottery there is not much I can do.


MP said...

You are NOT listenting to Christmas music!! You can't do that until December 1st..I forbit it!!
(says the girl who worked in the mall for way too long..and years at a Hallmark store..)

ps..hang in there!

Krissteen said...

Speaking from personal experience, not me but someone in my family, hit the lottery and got a nice chunk of change to live off of and well, it is really not what it is cracked up to be. Yeah, she is debt free, for the most part, and she can pretty much do as she pleases, go where she wants, sit at home and eat bon bons all day but as with anything else, all good things have their evils.. and I will leave it at that.

I love my job but just because I love my job doesn't mean it is without it's issues. Of course, one of the employees here doubles as the bosses daughter and well let's just say if I were her boss she would have been shit canned a LONG time ago because she is completely worthless and dumb as a fucking rock. *Sigh*

Someday I will get to retire and look back and remember that I actually worked for a living and didn't ride my Dad's coat tail. :)

We all have to have a little pride, right?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Kate! Sounds like you need some emotional eating! We do need to get together it seems! p.s. would so love to be playing Jeff in Urban Survivor! Glad you can somewhat keep your sense of humour!
Love you!!!

slouching mom said...

Ouch. I'm sorry about the job stress. So many of our most valued workers -- social workers, teachers -- are dealing with way too much job stress (and too little pay, too).