Monday, July 11, 2005

The food network pays off

My hubby is simply obsessed with the food channel. He watches it religiously so much that friends of our comment how they know at anytime of the day they can come in at it will be on. So while some of the shows are okay most I chop up and shout things at the TV.

For instance there is a program Everyday Italian. I watched it for a few weeks before I could pin point what was off. I finally hit me...She's a bobble head in the nicest way. She is a very petite woman, narrow shoulders and this gargantuan cranium. It's very distracting and I have a hard time holding back commentary on how the camera angles are not helping her situation.

Anyway, hubby has been particularity interested in License to Grill which is all about BBQing. This guy has 4 different BBQ's and a fully functioning outdoor kitchen which lays pool/hot side and we do not. However this has not stopped hubby from taking on new BBQ challenges. The newest craze in our home is smoking. A few weekends ago hubby and I picked up fresh chicken wings and mesquite wood chips at our local grocery store. He marinade the wings in peanut sauce and then smoked them low and slow on the BBQ. Now we only have the one BBQ, conflict the guy on TV does his veggies in a separate BBQ...How is hubby going to do his corn? He decides to smoke it.
Now I hate corn. Corn does stuff to my digestive track that is equivalent to drinking draino and therefore I stay away from it. I will even go as far as picking it out of prepared foods as corn seems to be an international filler.

So we sit down to eat, the wings are wonderful. You can taste the peanuts, you can taste the mesquite...So good. Then hubby bites into a piece of corn and starts with, "OMG babe you have got to try this, really try this". He is going at this cob like a wild man and I am thinking what the hell it's corn. So I finally give in to shut him up and oh dear God...Smoke your corn. I was the best shit I have every put in my mouth. It had some crazy nostalgic memory of summers as a child, my cottage and camping. I damn near cried. I continued to eat it fully knowing what was in store for me. I didn't care. I eat stillton cheese on a regular bases which I have to take migraine medicine first and deal with headaches that night. I drink and deal with hangovers in the morning. I shall eat smoked and only smoked corn and deal with my colon later cause it is that good.

We have since smoked ribs which were amazing and of course more corn. Screw buddy and is 4 BBQ's.

Moral of the story....smoke your corn!


Trace said...

The minute I started watching Everyday Italian a few months ago, I noticed her bobblehead. It utterly and totally freaks me out. I still watch the show, but I spend most of the time wondering how her neck can support such a plantoid-sized head.

Anyway never had smoked corn, and i don't have a BBQ sooooo I guess you'll just have to invite me over. ;)

Mark said...

you can come as long as fuzzy stuff comes out your nose again!

Naomi said...

I will now smoke corn
thanks kate another peer presure thing that I can get addicted to

Heather said...

Corn??! Omg, Kate...I never thought I would see the day! Well I can't say that I've ever tried it but I'll see if I can convince the Master of the BBQ to give it a shot. Hey, maybe you should have a corn smoking party!

And yes, I have noticed that the Everyday Italian lady is a bit of a bobblehead. It seems to me that her body is shrinking while her head just gets bigger. But she can cook better than I can so I guess that is okay..:)