Tuesday, July 05, 2005

And there you have it

Last Thursday before the long weekend I had been over at my parents place for most of the day and night and had not yet been home. Upon arriving home my roommate asks me if I knew that Ken and Barbie were moving?

me: Yeah, they are moving to BC or something and I figure that is why they had the garage sale.

Roomie: Ah no, did you know that they were moving today?

Me: no, no I did not. Are they?

Roomie: They did. I came home from work and there was the moving truck and they were emptying the contents of their home into it.

Me: NOOOOOO, were is the open house? Why isn't it on the market? Where are my new fun neighbours? For Christ Sakes!

Roomie: I don't know but they are gone.

The next morning I got up and packed the car as we were going away to a friends cottage, and I notice a car in their driveway. It had a cutesy license plate and I remember from the garage sale. Shit I bet they are not selling the house, they are instead going to prolong my agony and rent it to her or his sister. Son of a bitch, the garden is going to stay!

So it has been a few days now and no signs of Ken and Barbie and I have not seen the person that owns the car either. So I guess that I am stuck with Skipper, Barbie's younger sister.

Aside from that I had a wonderful weekend and will blog about that one later.

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