Friday, July 22, 2005

No Judging

Hubby and I went out for dinner last night. After I let him know that I needed to go to Shoppers to purchase a few things.

As noted in previous posts I am required to take bum pellets which I have decided against. I have a friend at work who is getting the same fertility treatment as me and she suggested that I re-route the pellets. I am going to take her advice as she is preggers with twins.

So hubby and I go into Shoppers and he follows me around as I collect my items. Just as we are walking down the last isle he says, "this is an interesting purchase, I wonder what the cashier will think". I start to laugh as I scan over my items, yeah this is a little bizarre. It's a drugstore though, people go there to buy unmentionable items. So I approached the cashier who was young and seemed like she would have a good sense of humour. I placed my items on the counter and say, "don't judge me, the situation is complicated".

Here is my purchase:
  • 1 yeast infection kit - All I really needed was the damn applicator for my pellets
  • 1 box of pregnancy tests - Pellets stop your period and I have been instructed to test when it should be due
  • 2 different packs of pantie liners
  • 1 smores bar
    • The girl was really nice and let me know that this is not weird. Weird and uncomfortable was the odd man who came in late one night and purchase 10 boxes of condoms and rubber gloves!

      Kate :o)

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      Anonymous said...

      Keep smiling, soon you'll be purchasing diapers/wipes and formula!
      Love you! Hugs!
      p.s. YAY it's Friday!!!!!!