Friday, May 25, 2007


Last tax year after baby girl was born, hubby decided that he was going to use part of the income tax return to get a new tattoo. Unfortunately with the new baby it was not responsible to use the money for a tattoo so I promised that this tax return he would get his tattoo!

He like the idea the nurse putting the baby's foot print on a piece of paper or a white tee shirt at the time of delivery, but wanted something a little more permanent.

So on Thursday he finally got inked.

Fresh ink always looks a little red and scabby, but will heal within a week.
Another job well done Peel!


Colleen said...

That's absolutely amazing!!!


If I ever wanted to get a tattoo - which I don't - but if I ever did, I would totally do something like that - if Snoopy didn't consume my ever thought :P

Very nice!!! Good choice!!!

Anonymous said...

that is one fine tattoo...and if Hubby wasn't so lazy and still blogged I'd tell him so! So don't tell him I said so! He deserves to suffer thinking no one ever commented on Iris' lovely little foot!!

Heather said...

Hi Kate..

Wow..the tattoo really did turn out great! I think it is such an awesome idea and a great way of keeping her with him at all times. And as she grows up, she'll always know just how much her daddy loves her. Very sweet..:)

barefoot wanderer said...

that's a fantastic tattoo :) I love the idea and sentiment behind it - brilliant :)