Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bend me over, slap my ass and call me Alice

I would like to give a big shout out in thanks to my government for the severe and malicious ass raping I received at the pump this morning. Apparently liquid gold was added to the gas supplies overnight explaining why gas is selling at 108. as oppose to 104.7 last night. Twenty five bucks this morning gave me just under a half tank which is pretty much enough to get me to and from work.

I lower my head in a moment of silence for those poor people in B.C. who woke up to a buck fifty at their pumps this morning…my sympathy goes out to you and your wallets.
If there was ever a time to think about buying a hybrid it would be now!

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Brie said...

so.....i was gonna do a big F-U for complaining about gas being $1.08 because I paid $3.23 a gallon today...but then I remembered we don't have the same money...and everyone measures things in liters but us.