Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fan Club!

How nice is it on a Wednesday afternoon of an insane week to have a co-worker show up at your office door with flowers. Yep, flowers to me from her.

Morganna: Lays flowers on my desk

Me: Morganna! What is did not need to do this.

Morganna: A little sunshine for you!

I have a little fan club here at work and she is in the top 10 for sure! She is a wonderful and strong woman who means a great deal to me. I have learned a lot from Morganna and she is always willing to sit and have a chat with me. She probably deserves the flowers more that I do, but I appreciate the sincere thought and spark of beauty the flowers have brought to my otherwise grey office.

Thank you Morganna you are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

My staff/co-workers stayed home in their pj's drinking hot chocolate by the fire instead of coming to work....clearly you have better skills than me!

Beware: Social Worker on the edge said...

Oh you are a goodtime! I brought coffees for you and Karen from that day on....I think I had to to secure my job but I brought them!

Ps. that little coco stunt has biten me in the ass with my own staff...Karma she's a bitch.