Thursday, July 19, 2007


This morning I was 10 minutes into my highway commute, left lane typical drive, when the silver VW Passot rolls down the window (automatic of course) and flings a wrapper out of his car. Up goes the window and he carries along with his drive.

My jaw is resting on my steering wheel. What the hell is wrong with people. Is littering not one of the fundamental rules we learn as a child.
  • we do not hit
  • we do not lie
  • we do not bite
  • we do not pinch
  • we do run with scissors
  • we wait a half hour after eating before swimming
  • we do not play with matches
  • we do not talk to strangers
  • we look both ways

We all know these rules yet the prick in front of me seems to think that the world outside of his precious car is his own personal toilet. Although I cannot remember the last time a threw a breakfast bar wrapper down the toilet, but I digress. I am now driving along fuming thinking this guy is a menace to society if he so easily tosses aside these simple social norms.

The next thing, down goes the window, out stretched is the arm and ditches a paper of some sort...a note or list if you will. I now am in complete shock. I mean this guy is just cleaning out his car and making a mockery of the rules. I would have loved to have slammed on my horn until he got the point, but I am a mother of a young child and being shot or knifed at the roadside is not an I blog.

This piss ant drove right into Etobicoke dumping shit out of his car as he went merrily along. I did drive up along side of him before I got off and gave him the head shake of disgust, but that message wouldn't have made it through if I had actually grabbed him by his giant melon and shook it myself. I continued to work daydreaming about having a sunroof, pulling in front of him and unload the contents of my car out the hatch at a buck 130 or OHH OHH traffic stops and he is now behind a waste management truck and all of a sudden kaboom...his pretty car in buried in a mountain of crap...nobody injured of course. Haha...yeah that one is a good one...KAAABOOOM tee hee!

Sadly, he was my age and quite frankly my generation knows better than that. I had thought that we were more green forward, but he ruined that idea for me. He's just a self centered, lying, biting, eat while swimming, running with scissors, j-walking, talk to strangers, fire starting, litter pig with an immaculately detailed car.


Anonymous said...

Some people's children!
Hell even I know better and I only started recycling last year!

Brie said...

ugh...i can't stand littering. i'm on my kids' asses about it all day at camp because we eat lunch outside.

it's just gross.

MP said...

I know better..but I think back to those high school days...OMG we used to through McDonalds cups out the window...what the hell??

The last time I littered it was an accident, some piece of paper flew out of my sunroof...

Anonymous said...

I've recently just visited Toronto and what a pretty city it is. Walking through the city I percieved it to be fairly clean minus a few spots.

I'm guessing that empty and disgarded bottle of vodka in front of the stadium was his too. -- bastard.

It was my first trip to Canada and on my way back through (on my way home), I got quickly perturbed at the fact that it was my US port of entry and could not leave the airport. How daft. I was told that I was technically signed into the USA and could not leave. How's that for American freedom? :)