Monday, July 16, 2007

Rich people hire painters!

After three years of living in a builder white house, we finally decided to paint. My dear hubby is all about the white, he loves white paint and white walls...lazy and unimaginative if you ask me.

Two weekends ago we painted the main level...big job, but it looks great. This weekend was the upstairs and the insane hallway leading upstairs. The Hallway is very high and we had originally decided that we would just pay someone to do it as neither one of us is experienced enough or have the equipment needed for the job. When Hubby's dad (WOP extraordinaire) heard this he said, "forget that I can do problem I have the multi ladder and it will be easy. Don't waste your money". I think he believes that we would rather pay someone because we are too lazy, but whatever.

Cut to Saturday morning. My hubby is up on the staircase trying to configure this 8 in one ladder. When it fails he calls over his dad. Then the two of them are on the staircase with a ladder. I am in the ensuite painting when I hear CRASH...I ask my sister what is happening.

Sarah: Ummm Mark is lying on the floor
Me: Jesus he okay (getting down from my ladder)
Sarah: I don't know I think he tripped up the stairs
FIL: Nope he fell off the ladder
Me: Babe are you okay
Hubby: Lying with his head in his hands...yeah I am winded
FIL: I am surprised the banister held
Me: Dad he is not to be on a ladder...he's an idiot without a helmet!

Everyone returned to painting and hubby peeled himself off the floor. On a side note the hallway looks great and in total hubby fell off the ladder 3 times...FIL nil.

Sarah a.k.a the Paint Witch, thankfully yet against her own will came to help us for the weekend. Took her a little bit to get into the groove with being distracted by the caulk and all, but she was indeed a big help. Even though her lack of painting skills equals a lot of touch ups for me. I know she snuck downstairs a few times I think for nourishment and beverage. She was complaining about being dizzy to which I replied with the my painting motto...Less complaining more painting!

I get focused and obsessive about projects of this nature...must carry on...must finish. I am a perfectionist I'll admit it...I am nuts but the two that I was working with are not. I too did not eat or drink and for those of you who have had the pleasure of hanging out with me during these times (Heather) know that without beverage I can get very giddie and loopy. This occurred many times throughout the day. I think I provided everyone some much needed entertainment. There is a downside to such burns when you

My hubby did sabotage my painting by distracting my with outings, so I was unable to finish everything. I still need to do all the trim in the hallway and upstairs. Also the office needs to be painted and everything needs to be put back in its place. I was lying in bed last night trying to get to sleep. I was tossing and turning just so unable to get comfortable. Hubby finally asked what my issue was. I tried to explain that I cannot sleep when order has not be restored. He laughed, patted me on the shoulder and returned to his slumber. It is true though, I hate an unfinished project and until the last picture is hung and all the paint cans closed up...I will not be at rest.


Jeff said...

We have one of those same damn staircase hallways I gotta paint. Your story has really gotten me pumped up for the job...

Anonymous said...

blah! I hate painting...that's where we are as well. Hallway needs painting and hubby needs couch! Glad it worked out for you! Bet it's pretty!

Heather said...

Hehehe..I am well versed in your love of builder-white so I'm glad to hear that the painting has commenced once again. I can't wait to see it!

I'm also glad to hear that the banister held up with Mark falling off the ladder! Thankfully he didn't get too banged up though..falling anywhere is never a fun thing. I should know..I do it often!

And yes, as one who has spent much time with you in a beverageless state, I can vouch for the giddiness and loopiness! On the positive side, at least this episode didn't involve a car, a major highway, the removal of eyeglasses and cars whizzing past at an abnormal rate of speed! Oh yes, that is a memory I will treasure forever!! LOL

Here is to order being soon restored and to no more builder-white!