Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Respect my authoritah!

The Toronto Park Authority has got me by the tits. I have a permit to park at work and have had one every month since 2001. I had to give my permit spot up to a coworker when I left for maternity leave and since returning all hell has broken loose. A request was put in to get my permit reinstated, I was notified that there were outstanding infraction fines. To which I protested and ignored as I know that I have no outstanding tickets....besides they issued my a permit for April, May, June and whatever.

My employer has been going back and forth with them and yesterday she informs me that the fines need to be paid before July 20th or my permit will be sold off to the public...yesterday was the 24th....

So my boss has handed me a report outlining my fines....

First infraction - expired time in green P lot on 5th/6th street - October 11, 2002...$3.25
Second Infraction - expired time in Green P lot on 7th street - July 17, 2006....$10.00

So lets work this out. According to the parking authority lady ALL fines must be paid each month or the following months permit will not be issued.

October 2002...I have had a permit since 2001 that is issued every month, therefore A) why would I then be parking in a paid lot when I have a permit to park behind my building and B) how have a managed to get permits issued every month up to this point?

July 2006...well my boss had to first tell me where 7th street lot was, and after discovering that it was south of Lakeshore and down the street, I said, "stop...listen to what you're saying....I am the laziest S.O.B ever...I would never park down the street to walk back to here". It's not me. A stronger fight is that during the time of the infraction I was on a Maternity leave. I don't live in Toronto and I don't travel to Toronto unless I am going to work. So how could I have parked in a lot that was unknown to me during my Mat leave. I did come into the office for a visit twice which both times I parked at the meters right outside the office doors....again lazy.

My boss took all this to the parking lady and basically she couldn't give a rats ass. It can't be fought and she is no longer interested in entertaining my I will be paying it I guess.

I know it is only $13 bucks...Thank God it could be more and according to parking will bend over and respect my authoritah!


Anonymous said...

$13 bucks! Bastards! I would tell them to go to hell while paying the damn fines as...I too am lazier than hell!
What is this world coming too when children shoot other children and the meter maid has more authoritah than the local popo!

Heather said...

That is crazy...I'm happy to be listed in the lazy category as well and I can tell you there would be no chance of me parking somewhere that was classified as "down the street". I'd drive around until a spot opened up, I'm just that And seriously..when you were on mat leave?! That is just stupid and they should have their heads examined.

But of course there is no getting around having to pay the $13 but I am protesting for you in my head. Maybe the parking people need to teach the police a thing or two about keeping things in order!

Brie said...

gay. i fucking hate parking service regulators. we should just group them together and beat them.